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  • Yes. Love the naan sandwiches! Decent biryani, too.

    Captcha: “asiatics that”

  • Love this place. One of the best places for lunch in downtown. Always really crowded and for good reason. Also open for dinner which is rare in downtown for a place that is not a restaurant/bar.

  • Now I really want Indian food for lunch

  • My favorite lunch place ever. Boy do I miss the convenience of working at 17th and K. They’re samosas are almost as good as the naan sandwiches and they have great chutneys to go on the side.

  • one drip from a curry will ruin a shirt forever. I’d stick to the veg stuff, but its a pretty good deal.

    • Guess you think you’re too cool to wear a bib at lunch, eh? That’s my solution. Hahaha

  • Make sure you get the masala chips. They make their own potato chips covered in spices.

  • The sandwiches and masala chips are great. The lunch special is good, but it’s almost always butter chicken.

  • Two words: naan pizza.

    Yummy and inexpensive!

  • mint chutney…delicious. the biryani side dish is a great deal. i think its just $4.50 and its a decent size for a “side” and super filling.

  • This place is absolutely fantastic. Get the butter chicken platter with the lentils and two containers of the mango chutney. Oh, man, I’m salivating just thinking of it.

  • Side of lamb buryani.

  • Insufficient if you want a proper full-blown indian option (the naan wrap sandwich thingies are relatively bland) but they do have a basic combo-curry/rice option. Good cheap lunch. BUT the thing that makes it worth the walk for me is the chili chutney. It’s actually got enough flavor to move the chemistry around a little…

  • Veggie Tikka with Mango Sauce on the side.. yummmmm

  • jburka

    I’m a regular at the outlet in National Place. The veggie thali (rice, three veg, and bread) is an absurd amount of food at a great price.

  • I occasionally patronize the National Place outlet, sometimes with the prior poster. It’s a really good value for lunch. The meat dishes I’ve had are OK, but the vegetable sides and the fresh-baked naan are the real stars.

  • LOVE this place. Always get the 1/2 portion of the veggie rice biryani and a veggie samosa with mango chutney. yum yum yum.

  • What exactly is beyond Naan?

  • I dig the naan wraps — a really great and original concept — but don’t get the mayo. Why not yogurt/raita?

    Still a fan. Like the nearby veggie burrito cart, I only go on nice days because seating very limited seating

  • Ate where when it first opened and was disappointed by how dry and tasteless the chicken was. No sauce! (unless you count the mayo they offer for some reason) the meat is dry and not marinated. I gave it some time and went back recently to find the same problems…and I was rewarded with food poisoning. Would really not recommend this place.

  • Unless its changed in the 5 yrs since I’ve been there. One word. Bland.

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