Judging Restaurants – Logan Whole Foods Lunch Options

Every time I walk past the Whole Foods on P St, NW (b/w 14th and 15th) the tables inside and outside seemed to be full of folks eating lunch. So what’s the story here – is the food that good? Are the prices that good? Is it just really convenient with a plentiful selection of seating? Or is it some combination of the above?

For the fans, any must order items?

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  • It’s popular mainly because its one of the very few options around to grab a quick meal, without a waiter. Thank god for Sweetgreen opening across the street. This is the one thing that Logan desperately needs more of… a good deli.

  • It all depends on what you buy there. The cost of their lunch fare (ie: sushi, deli sandwiches, salad/hot bar) is comparable to what you’d pay at any take out establishment downtown ($7-$10).

    Also, there’s always the option picking up an Amy’s Organic burrito or Tasty Bite ($3ish) and bring it back to the office to heat up.

  • I’ve never tried their Asian foods, but their sandwiches are just okay, certainly nothing worth going out of your way for.

  • I talked to someone their. Yes the seating area is for good and they will continue to grill outside and sell food. Whole Foods is also trying to get a liquor liscense so they you can drink outside too.

    The hot dogs are good, but I had a burger recently and it was dry, but may have been “sitting” on grill for a while.

    Great to have grilled food option so close to home when you live in an apartment building with no roofdeck or anything. I love it!

    • sorry….”there” … spelling fo pa pet peeve sorry!

      • “Fo pa”? Really?

        • Seriously. Though it made me laugh — not just because of the irony of using it in a correction (that *is* irony, isn’t it?), but also because I had to read that sentence three times before I could figure out what LG meant.

          Captcha: laggards diverted
          Damn straight!

      • in case you were wondering what people are giggling about, it’s “faux pas”

        • No, it’s “foe paw” — the enemy of the hand!

          No, it’s “pho pah” — Vietnamese soup made of tubas!

          I kid, I kid…

  • Won’t shop there; won’t eat there. Why give more money to an anti-progressive, anti-health care reform, troglodyte conservative assh*le. Google it….

    • +1. Whole Foods can suck on it. The new Safeways have almost as good a selection anyway.

    • you and me both, brother!! but i might eat a cupcake if someone else buys it. they are pretty ok.

    • I clicked on your links, and I’m intrigued, especially as a Whole Foods shopper. I’ll investigate these ideas further on my own time; thanks for enlightening me.

      …but is inserting a political opinion here really relevant? I think the questions were about the food/prices/seating.

  • I am a fan of the lunch options at Whole Foods. Good quality, lots of variety, take the exact amount you want, very quick and easy, and you can have a balanced, healthy lunch for 10 bucks or under.

    • I often get lunch from the WF in Old Town…I wish I walked out with a meal under $10. Try $13-$16. Then again, I don’t have portion control 🙂

  • They also have a small area that serves Raku noodle bowls and sushi. That is the only place you should get prepared foods from Whole Foods, unless you are going to eat the garlic kale, because that is amazing

  • Speaking of Whole Foods, does anyone know what kind of bells and whistles the new one in Friendship Heights (opened today) has? wine tasting, growlers of beer, specialty food stations, etc….

  • There are three or so sparrows that live in the store and I have seen them eating from the salad bar on numerous occasions when i am in there to grab my delicious adult beverages.

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