Judging Restaurants – Freshii

Freshii is located at 2001 M St. NW. They say:

“Through our vision of Fresh Food, Custom Built, Fast, Freshii is focused on becoming the most convenient choice for healthy and fresh meals and snacks served quickly in a cool, clean, and environmentally sustainable setting for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between.”

You can build menu items here with a cool nutrition counter. I think this location is relatively new…anyone check them out yet?

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  • Their nutrition counter is sobering. The lemongrass soup, broth only: 23 calories, 1348 mg. of sodium!

  • This is a great place … if it were closer to work, I’d be there often! I love that you can build your own, aaand if anyone here cares, they’re very vegan/vegetarian friendly (the owner came and chatted for a bit). Massive amounts of food for little $. Also heard the froyo is good, but won’t get that experience.

  • I’ve ordered from there three times and each time the order’s been wrong. (“Oh, they must have just read ‘rice,’ not ‘rice noodle.’) I really wanted to like it, but three strikes, you’re out.

  • Am willing to give it another try just in case, but it was far from “cool” in there when we went–the thermostat read 87 degrees and it was unbearably crowded and chaotic. After a long, hot, and annoying wait for our food, we were quite disappointed. My “chicken” salad had 3 little pieces of chicken and NO flavor to speak of.

  • Love the place. Convenient and fast. easy to eat on the metro on the way home :). I was there today for breakfast and customized my oatmeal. the ordering process is a little confusing at first so i recommend ordering off the menu for first timers and then customize on second.

  • We catered our lunch and breakfast from freshii and it was great.

  • Had a chicken cobb wrap, not bad, fresh and good tasting with lots of avocado. Not enough sweets or drinks selection though…

  • This reminds me of Trainspotting’s “Choose Life”.

  • Ordered a noodle bowl yesterday, it was bland, mushy and lukewarm, yuck.

  • I’ve been there twice and had bad experiences each time. The first time the wait was very long, and people who had ordered well after me got their food before me. The second time the rice was not properly cooked and the whole dish was mushy and gross.

    I emailed to complain, and while I got a response from corporate, I never heard anything else.

  • I’ve been twice now and each time it’s been a crap experience. My first time there, I ordered a wrap, which took an incredibly long time to produce. When it did finally show up in my hands, I had a difficult time paying for it because the lines were confusing and people were incredibly pushy/ rude. The wrap itself was produced with items varying temperatures and stages of being cooked- the broccoli was hardly cooked, while other veggies were mushy and over done.

    My second visit was for yogurt, which is probably the worst of all the yogurts I’ve had in the area (and we all know how many there are).

    Final verdict: C- at best.

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