Judging Buildings – Best Gas Station Ever?

I was blown away by the green roof on the gas station but the whole building is pretty sweet. It’s located around New Hampshire Avenue and M Street, NW. It’s looks a bit familiar but I can’t remember if we’ve judged it before. I never thought I’d speak highly of a gas station… But what do you think about the whole building as well, thumbs up or down?

A few more pictures after the jump including different angles and a potential best spot for a morning cup of coffee or mojito.

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  • Gas station attached to a condo building seems dangerous! I hope nobody catches this station on fire or the whole place is screwed. It might be weird, but every time I pass this place that is all I can think about.

    • This is what I was thinking when they built this place around the Exxon: there has to be some code against having a gas station abut a residential building. Then I remembered the gas station in Rosslyn just over the Key Bridge that is (was?) the first floor of an office building. I don’t know if it’s still there.

      • Are you thinking of Saint Rosslyn’s Chevron? It’s on Ft Myer Drive, just as you cross Key Bridge, literally beneath a church.

        • The proper name is Our Lady of Exxon.
          That is what it has been and forever shall be, amen.

    • I used to live over a gas station at 13th and N NW, and various other stations have buildings next to them / over them. We were awoken late one night and had to evacuate as a tanker truck had spilled 1000 gallons or some such which had flowed into a basement apartment. So that was exciting, but other than that its mostly just obnoxious living over a 24 hour station where people blast music as they fill up no matter what time it is.

  • A green roof on a gas station is, in the words of grand pappy, like putting a shine on a turd.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    IIRC, the original plan called for keeping the existing gas station and “greening” the roof so it was pleasant to look at from the floors of the condo. The original gas station was gutted and closed for awhile. This is around the corner from me, and where I often buy gas as the price is good. They get a lot of taxicab business. It’s a nice building but too pricey for me.

  • It’s as good as a gas station can be. This station was there for many years and, I’m guessing, the owner had a deal where it would occupy the land no matter what the landowner did with the rest of the property, which had been parking lot. One can also guess that the owner of the high-end building wasn’t too psyched about a gas station adjacent to it’s swanky building so a green roof was incorporated.

    One of the many complaints from neighbors about gas stations is the bright lighting. Folks near the gas station at Nebraska and Connecticut Avenues NW, for instance, fought successfully to get the owner to tone down the lights. With the roof over the gas station on M St., the impact from the lights was kept to minimum.

  • i was pumping gas here a few months ago and noticed a balcony on a lower floor of the building (not on M but the cross street) that looked right onto the gas station. i thought to myself, what a great spot for a morning cup of coffee or mojito!

  • Units in this building go for around $1k/sq. ft, one of the most expensive new buildings in DC

    Here’s a unit on the market: http://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/1177-22nd-St-NW-20037/unit-9H/home/21471679

  • I looked at this bldg when I purchased last spring…I really liked the units and n’hood, but could not wrap my head around the idea of living abut an Exxon.

    PS–This gas is never a good deal in my eyes. I choose the Mobil up at 15th & U NW.

  • I’ve seen the interior of this building and although it’s a great building with outstanding amenities (not to mention prime location), the fact that the gas station is there to say is going to make it difficult to raise the value of the home/building.

    Has anyone else noticed the large amount of modern, new residences located right next to a gas station. Great for the builders, not so great for the tenants (hello homeowner’s insurance and low return-in-profit, if any).

  • Actually, the station was completely rebuilt as part of this project. They took over a parking lot, some old townhouses, and part of the station’s land. Amusingly enough, the original name of the project was “X on West” (as in Exxon West, I guess…)

  • If only the Exxon on 14th and Oak (near Spring) put this much effort into keeping their lot clean and free of vagrants.

  • Anonymous: Exxon does not own or operate (or clean/maintain) the station (or any station in DC). It is jobber-served, meaning essentially someone who licenses the Exxon and On the Run trademark and has an obligation to buy their (bulk purchases) of gas from ExxonMobil. Exxon also doesnt own MD stations because it’s illegal in MD for a refiner to own a station, and is in the process of selling its stations in VA.

  • i think they did a great job of incorporating the gas station. it fits the scale of the building and almost looks as if it’s an extended carport. i love the green roof too. i don’t understand complaints about it being a gas station. i don’t drive a car and even i know that there are relatively few places to purchase gas in the district. i like the fact that we have so few, but c’mon, there has to be at least some.

  • yeah what exactly is the concern about being located near a gas station? how often do gas stations blow up in your experience (vs. other random things like SUVs driving through libraries etc). I can’t think of a single instance in my lifetime in this area.

    • Probably the loud car noise, the smell of gasoline 24/7 (worse during the summer heat), the idling engines and the petty crime. It’s also aesthetically unappealing; someone who can afford this place can afford not to deal with this stuff.

      The lights are bright to deter robberies/car jackings.

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