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This building at the 1700 block of Rhode Island Ave, NW is kinda interesting because it looks like it sits atop some older smaller buildings. Do you think the blend together? What do you think of the style overall – thumbs up or down?

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  • thumbs up! wow!

  • nice, contemporary style that tips the hat to the old stone buildings that surround it. Pretty well done, I think.

    At least it’s not one of those glass and metal monstrosities.

  • It’s St. Matthew’s Court. I walked past it every day when it was being built. Love the preservation of the historic facades, and the rest of it is pretty well done, too – it doesn’t clash with the Cathedral next door, and, as TaylorStreetMan noted, it’s got a lot more character than most of the glass-and-steel stuff everywhere else downtown.

  • Based on the picture, I like it. I find that it looks visually active, in a good way – the effect is to make the street look actually busy and urban (also in a good way).

  • I like it. Looks like a castle.

  • old facades thumbs up. new building thumbs down. WTF happened to architecture? That paladian window is disgusting.

  • The project is a pretty cool one that won a few awards when it was completed. Here’s a link to the developer’s site with a few more pictures.


  • I passed this on my way home from work everyday as it was being built. I applaud the ground level work done. The restoration of the facades was outstanding and the lobby is really well done: high quality construction and design.
    HOWEVER, that building is an atrocity. Cheap brick, cheap windows. Just look at the quality compared with the houses below to see how ‘good’ it is. I’m glad they tried to do something different and the overall massing is ok but the details are all off and cheap and that is where the strength of a building’s design lies. The building is much too high and dwarfs everything else around. The only good thing I can say is that they set the huge honking mass of a building back some so it feels a little easier.
    I cringe everytime I pass this building.

  • Oh, cool. I think I was walking past you when you were taking this picture. I assumed you were an architecture student or something.

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