Impromptu Mama Mia Dance At Dupont Circle Sunday Afternoon

This weekend was full of festivals. On Sunday the fountain at Dupont Circle hosted an impromptu dance to Abba’s Mama Mia. First there were folks who looked like they knew how to dance, then everyone joined in:

A couple more after the jump.

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  • wow, that looks like so much fun. I absolutely love ABBA.

    Wonder if this was inspired by a dancing/cooking event on Jamie Oliver’s show.

  • LOL… I think the gays are taking Dupont Circle back!

  • What a waste of an opportunity to rid ourselves of hundreds of fans of the lowest form of culture…ABBA.

    How they were elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, being neither Rock nor Roll is a crime against humanity.

  • It wasn’t impromptu — it was put together and planned by the DC Cowboys as part of their dance class.

    • The Dallas fans in this city are already annoying enough. Organizing events like this one really pushes them over the edge.

      • “Dallas Fans”??? You are not aware then that the “DC Cowboys” is a gay ensemble group doing country-western inspired dancing and other routines. Nothing whatsoever to do with “Dallas” that I know of.

  • That is sooooo sad…

    loving the fact that my two captcha words are “how” “lamely”

  • I really want to like the idea of flash mobs but I just somehow don’t. Reminiscent of annoying high school pep rallies? Disconcertingly homogeneous participants? I’m not quite sure why – it feels contrived and a little self-congratulatory. I love it in Barcelona when strangers all join hands and dance together in the parks at sunset. I even liked the Morris dancers in Adams Morgan on Saturday.

  • Ugh – I’ll GLADLY take on an ABBA-inspired flash mob over a Morris dance any day.

  • I love Mama Mia! I’m sorry I missed it. Who the heck cares if it was impromptu, staged, Dallas cowboys or the Village guys, it was a fun thing to experience. Thanks for sharing!

  • dang. i was working all day sunday. what a waste!!! dc cowboys has dance classes? last time i went to a country-western dance class, it was in cap hill at remington’s when it was on 8th st. i think.

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