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I’m happy to report that I saw a permit in the window of this classic Shaw building located on the corner of 10th and O Streets, NW. Under proposed use it says “apartment houses”.

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  • Wow, this is what PoP is all about, nice one.

  • Nice to see that someone likes the paint job. This is my property. The upstairs is apartments. The permit is to rebuild the canopies and will be painted like the sign. Unfortunately, zoning issues are precluding me from doing anything with the first floor level. A coffee shop, bakery or deli would be wonderful wouldn’t it?

    • Yes!! A million times over, yes. I would love to have a coffee shop on the first floor of my apartment building – I’d be a guaranteed customer every day (granted, as long as the coffee was decent! And not Starbucks!).

    • I’ve dealt with zoning just a bit – and they’ll usually relent if you can prove that you want to use the space for what it was originally intended. Just b/c the first floor zoning changed, doesnt mean it wasnt originally commercial.. Since there is a giant advertisement from decades ago at the top, you can make a good case that the first floor should be commercial.

      Also, get your councilmember involved.

    • You should open a little shop on the ground floor and call it Fine Family Groceries!

  • I live more or less across the street. Maybe circulating a supportive petition from the neighbors would help in your efforts.

  • I think a coffee shop or even better a small bodega style grocery store would be great. I’d certainly be a customer. I do wish the owner would invest a little more into the landscaping. The places across the street are gorgeous…..hint!

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