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I’m a big fan of this Ledroit Park row house (near Anna J Cooper Circle). It’s interesting to note that this is one of the very few two level row houses with the circular turret type structure in the front. Most of this style that I’ve seen around town are 3 levels.

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  • I’m sure they could just pop it up to make a three-level slate-roofed turreted Victorian, right?

  • The Queen Anne Revival touch that is present in this row house is probably there because, while Ledriot Park had “contractor” activity just like most of the other DC neighborhoods, more of the homes were “specialized” or “customized” with fewer houses that looked identical in large numbers.

    • However, could they not replace that storm/security door? While it is fun, its not quite in line with the rest of their renovation, which is particularly well done.

  • Yes, im sure they could. And, im sure it would look just as wonderful as some of these other \extra floor\ additions that contractors have no problem slaping onto any old charmer only to louse it up.

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