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  • I’m sorry but you never know the bones till you’ve ripped out the plaster and find whether or not termites have eaten out the beams, or if the previous owners (who were almost all landlords who never lived there) just did crappy assed patch jobs.
    Let’s just say the outside has potential but the ‘bones’ are unknown until you have a limited budget, a small window of time, a contractor, and a labor crew that pretends to not speak English.
    The phrase “good bones” drives me nuts because in my own experience it is the most expensive lie ever. Structural repair is not sexy and costs more money than you really want to spend. You can’t point to it when you show your renovation off to friends.

    • @Mari – Good PoP post and a classic lame/rude reply!

      • houseintherear

        Yeah really. The house has amazing detailing and a window I’d die for, but is in need of a “touch-up”. Chill, Mari.

      • you should read her blog and the kind of stuff she had to go through renovating an old house before you dismiss her comments out-of-hand.

        that was neither rude nor lame. it was enlightened. learn the difference.

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