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A few months ago this house from 15th Street, NW was painted green and I’m sorry to say I can’t find some earlier pictures to compare but to continue the debate of painted row houses, I’d say this one came out pretty well.

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  • Check it out on Google streetview. It was a pretty beat up-looking blue color before. Looks great now in green!

  • They had the whole thing renovated, and they may have added those windows on the alley side, I am not sure. It’s a cute house, though, and the family living there are nice neighbors.

    Oh, dear. Captcha: Lord thrusts.

  • they added a lot onto it. the entire back 15 feet or so is new. The back looks reaaly cool and it’s an open floorplan now. PoP should walk down that alley for some amazing “Judging Backs of Houses” opportunities. captcha: neighborhood, buying” (comma included)

  • As usual it really depends on the context. If every other house on the block is natural brick as they were all meant to be when they were built a hundred years ago, then it usually looks pretty awful. But if at least a few more houses on the block are painted, then it can work quite well.

  • There’s a pop-up next door.

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