House of the Day

I hope you guys like this house because a reader sent me a tip about it and it took me a really really long time to get to. I don’t even know what this neighborhood is called but the house is near Oregon and Nebraska Aves, NW. And by the by don’t ever walk through the park via Military Road…

A few more photos after the jump.

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  • So what happened in the park on Military Road? Nothing too terrible, I hope….

  • Lack of sidewalks, I presume.

  • You have a lot of trouble crossing the park on foot, PoPs. Next time you go give me an email and I’ll tip you to some pleasant options, although I’m sure you like to find these things out on your own. Getting from PoPville to that house on a day like today should have been The World’s Most Pleasant Experience.

  • Ouch. You passed up wooded trails (paved and unpaved) and weekend-long car free Beach drive! Yeah, most cars approach freeway speeds on that little stretch of Military. Must have been pretty unpleasant.

  • hahahaha! I’m sorry, but that’s just too funny to read your Military road comment, POP. As I’m racing my car through that stretch I always wonder if anyone would/could/should walk in the area. Obviously you tried! thanks, for the laugh!

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