Horse’s Ass Award

Well I’ve kinda morphed Horse’s Ass Award nominees to those who have let great buildings in DC stay boarded up in serious states of disrepair. This week’s is from Ledroit Park not far from Anna J. Cooper Circle.

Anyone know how long this building has been in this condition?

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  • ah

    Shouldn’t this get only a half-ass award?

    How bizarre–it’s like they sliced a building in half and bricked up the middle.

  • 10, 15 years?

  • It’s in (relatively) good condition now that they have restored the brick. it was a boarded up relic for a very long time (I’ve lived here for 6-7 years). not sure what the plan is to fix it up but for a long time it was a real disaster. the brick pointing is fairly recent so maybe we’ll get something finished and nice soon.

  • Its in much better condition than the last time I saw it. It looks like the structure has at least been stabilized.

  • That has never had an building next to it. It was built to allow another to be build right up agaist it but none ever was.

    To say horses ass award on the current condition is wrong. It was in much worse shape before the current restoration steps were under taken in the Summer of 2008. Before that the building was in a horrible state, bricks falling out, all windows open, the side porch hanging down 1/2 floor and so on.

    The restoration is currently stalled, why I do not know.

  • it seems that the House was listed by the DC Preservation League in 1999 as a place needing preservation.

    in 2002 it seems steps were taken to keep it from being razed.

  • I guess anybody can write anything on Wikipedia.

    That house is 326 T Street NW. Numbers 326-328 T Street were built in 1887-88. Number 328 appears on real estate maps through 1954. It is not on a 1968 real estate map. I have never researched or learned the circumstances of it’s demise.

    My understanding is that heirs left 326 T Street to Howard University, which is a long-time derelict landlord. They have done some stabilization work in the last few years after nearly demolishing it by neglect.

    The house is so awkward alone that I think the proper way to honor it is to replace its conjoined twin, although I suspect my hard-core preservationist friends would disagree.

    • The adjoining house at 328 T is on the 1960 Baist map as well.

      Howard received a federal grant of ~$250,000 in 2004—I’m guessing that went towards the recent stabilization efforts. There is (was?) a non-profit group called the Robert and Mary Church Terrell House and LeDroit Park Museum and Cultural Center that was to have taken ownership of the property once renovation was completed, but obviously it is still far from being ready for any sort of occupation.

    • saf

      Maybelle Bennett is directing that project, I think. She would be the one to ask about progress.

    • Ugh, anything Howard owns is slowly turned into junk. That University is such an enemy to all of its neighbors. The students are not, they are great, but the administrations is just awful from my point of view.

      • As far as I understand it, they have a ton of land/property around there but have used it as collateral to finance various activities for decades. So, the banks own most of it and Howard cannot afford to do anything with it, but manages to make minimum payments etc. Not sure how to source that info but its interesting how GWU and Howard had totally different experiences in DC. Granted GWU sits on more valuable land, but Howard’s levels of blight indicate something deeper going on.

  • For a Horse’s Ass Award… the Eckington Listserv has been all abuzz about 329 Rhode Island Avenue NE. I’ve not a dog in this fight – but it sounds like there is a real horse’s ass award that needs to be given out. There’s quite a saga behind it. PoP – if you are interested, I’ll forward you emails from the list serv.

  • As the sign says this is the Mary Terrell House. She was a prominent black educator around the turn of the century (19th/20th). The structure is in much better condition than it had been for years. Yes, Howard University owns it and has had plans for it to be a cultural center of some sort for decades but keeps spending the [tiny] budget on repairing the building after they let it almost fall to pieces. This has been a sore point with the neighborhood for at least 15-20 years.

  • I think the guy that writes this blog is a horses ass. You can’t tell people what to do with their property.

    • This house has some sort of historic status that protects it, at least in theory. You are probably opposed to such schemes. I believe governments ought to engage in preservation with a very light hand.

      No matter. Regardless of what we believe the role governments ought to be, this is a private forum and we are all free to express. We all have the right to tell others what we think they ought to do, ugly as that sometimes is.

      Nobody here has the power or right to MAKE anybody DO anything. Only governments possess that power. But if we were to reduce that power, forums like this would become all the more important as ways to maintain a civil/livable society.

      Rave on, PoPsters!

      CAPTCHA: splayed rights

    • John = winner of horses ass of the day! Also winner of the misplaced moral outrage of the day! Can we go for a trifecta?

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