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From a press release:

Screen on the Green Will Not Return for 11th Summer without Additional Sponsorship

WASHINGTON – May 4, 2010 – The always-popular summer favorite, Screen on the Green, is in jeopardy again, unless additional funding can be secured.

Longtime Screen on the Green producer HBO and sponsor Comcast are willing to continue their support of this annual event, but have indicated that it cannot take place without an additional $75,000 – $100,000 contribution.

Screen on the Green has faced funding troubles in the past.  In 2009, it was almost discontinued when HBO decided not to continue its sponsorship. Washingtonians organized a Facebook and letter writing campaign, resulting in Comcast and the Trust for the National Mall stepping in alongside HBO to allow Screen on the Green to return for its 10th anniversary.

Screen on the Green is a remarkable free summer movie series that provides a tribute to classic films. The screenings are shown on the National Mall and attract approximately 15,000 Washingtonians and tourists during each screening, held on Monday nights from mid-July through late August, making this one of the largest community events in the District of Columbia. Past film selections include Casablanca, Rocky, On the Waterfront and Dr. No. Washington City Paper readers voted Screen on the Green first runner-up for “Best Festival” in 2009.

The effort to “Save Screen on the Green” continues this spring online, as the profile for the Facebook fan page builds at “Save Screen on the Green” is a committee of Washingtonians and avid Screen on the Green fans who have partnered with D.C. Film Alliance to explore options to secure additional sponsors. More information is available on Additionally, visitors can donate funds or register to receive email updates.

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  • Why can’t HBO foot the bill? For as much as they charge for a monthly subscription, there’s no way they’re hurting for money.

  • Screen on the Green is one of the more overrated DC experiences. Everytime it is super hot, crowded and uncomfortable. It’s one of those better in theory events than in practice.

  • Crystal City, Rosslyn, Mt. Pleasant, Silver Spring. So many other options and better movies + they don’t have to create a funding campaign every year like screen on the green.

    I used to work in AV, I dont understand how on earth it could cost 100,000$ + for like 5 movies throughout summer unless it was a permit/security/police issue.

    Screen/projector/sound rental cannot cost this much, specially when its not a one time thing.

  • The mall needs a break from countless events.
    If there isn’t the funding then things don’t happen. The Rosslyn venue is great and this year its 90s movies.

    May 14 – My Best Friend’s Wedding
    May 21 – Edward Scissorhands
    May 27 – Happy Gilmore
    June 4 – Office Space
    June 11 – Cry Baby
    June 18 – Mrs. Doubtfire
    June 27 – Bio-Dome
    July 2 – Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead
    July 9 – Home Alone
    July 16 – What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
    July 23 – Empire Records
    July 30 – Dumb & Dumber
    August 6 – Romeo & Juliet
    August 13 – Airheads

  • HBO has a lot of nerve begging for money for this thing. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    • “Screen on the Green” is a registered servicemark of HBO.
      “Save Screen on the Green” is not affiliated with HBO but is an independent advocacy program affiliated with the D.C. Film Alliance.

  • Doesn’t this happen every year?

    – Someone cries “emergency,” saying that Screen on the Green might not happen because of a shortage of funds
    – Some group floods blogs and facebook with pleas for more sponsors to save this great “tradition”
    – HBO miraculously gets the funding they need and the show goes on
    – Everyone remembers that it’s actually kind of lame.

  • Shucks, I can’t sit in the sweltering heat and watch films I’ve seen 100 times before in the company of smelly strangers? I’ll survive. Somehow.

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