I Guess They Really Love Dragons…

Sometimes I don’t hydrate enough, especially on a hot day like Sunday and I end up having to do a triple take. I usually walk about 20 feet past and then I say to myself, “wait a sec, is that a dragon in the window?”

Is the pull cord a dragon too?”

Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I completely hallucinate. Either way I always immediately rehydrate. In this case with a Slush Puppie of course (though blue raspberry is far superior to orange Mango I got from the gas station at 15th and U Streets, NW):

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  • Yes, another vote for blue raspberry, it’s very refreshing!

  • with the coffee cup on the balcony earlier today and now the dragon photo this is starting to turn into the peeping tom of petworth blog!

    not a terrible thing, i guess.

  • That’s my building! Yes it’s a dragon, but the best part is the woman used to be a concert pianist and sometimes, like Sunday, I come home to the sound of her playing.

  • Totally agree – Blue Rasberry Slush Puppies are it.

  • You mean you actually have times when you lack the ability to sufficiently peer into other people’s windows?
    You need to see a scopophilia expert, stat.

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