Good Samaritan Saves A Bike From Getting Stolen

Gotta give props to this guy with his back to the camera in the photo who called the cops Mon. afternoon when he noticed a guy with bolt cutters stealing a bike. And props to the cops for catching the thief. It is very easy to do nothing – so thanks to this guy for doing the right thing and saving someone’s bike on 11th Street, NW near Columbia Heights Coffee.

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  • maximum respect!

    if more folks kept an eye out, thieves would have a much harder time stealing in this town

  • Clearly, yesterday’s Dear PoP questioner needs to move in next door to that guy. Problem solved.

  • Good for that guy. Reminds me of this video…

    Some guys in New York videotaped stealing their own bikes to show how apathetic people are.

  • now every guy with skinny jeans will be regarded as a snitch by the bike thief mafia.

    hipsters, beware.

  • my hero! (*meant sincerely, if that sounded at all sarcastic.)

  • I saw two african american males (teens, thug dressed) taking bolt cutters to a bike rack on top of a mini cooper. In broad daylight. I saw three or four people walk by and not say anything to what was obviously a bicycle theft. I walked up, offered to help them and they said \nah man\ and then just kind of up and left.

    I cannot believe people just walked right by. I’m tired of people’s PC getting in the way of common sense. If you see a theft occurring, do something about it.

    • Glad you intervened, but you should have also called the cops. they probably just moved on to the next bike rack.

    • lol at the inclusion of “thug dressed.”

      i would call the cops, but i’m not confronting anyone and taking a pair of bolt cutters to the head for someone else’s bicycle.

      • These guys are most likely not interested in engaging in violent behavior with people. The reason kids like this can get away with theft in broad daylight is because most people are oblivious about their surroundings, and they know this; however, once you move from a simple theft charge to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon you’re talking some serious jail time for a bike that they probably couldn’t sell on the street for more than 20 bucks, not to mention the fact that people in the area would start to pay attention once someone is getting the living crap beaten outta him (they know this as well).

  • This is totally awesome!

  • Restores my faith in humanity, and reminds me to speak up when necessary.

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