Good Deal or Not? Under $200k Edition (Reader Request)

This condo is located at 726 Quincy Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Spacious, Well-Renovated 1 bed/1.5 bath condo with Stainless & Granite kitchen, gas stove & appliances, ceramic bath & powder rooms, designer paints & carpets, recessed lighting, rear patio, secure off-street parking. Pet friendly building One block from Petworth Metro, 2 blocks from grocery. Seller definitely looking to sell, this is a short sale.”

More info and photos found here.

The reader was curious about the pricing because it is assumed to be a basement condo. It was originally going for $249 but is now on the market for $199,000. Sound reasonable? What do you think it’ll go for?

Bonus: Thanks to Nichole for sending in this one 1211 Independence Ave, SE. It’s going for $850,000 but this one’s really all about the photos…

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  • Wow. The bonus is… Wow. I hope all of the ‘stuff’ conveys, because it’s incredible!

    Seriously, it’ll take months to empty that stuff out to sell this place.

  • Don’t know what to say about the Petworth condo because there are no pics or additional info, but that house in Cap Hill is one of the most cluttered houses I’ve ever seen (hoarders aside). I mean even the bathroom is filled with stuff, including a Christmas tree?!?!. They are going to have a really hard time finding a buyer with all that stuff in there, especially at the price it is listed at, which it is probably worth if you can get over the clutter. Just thinking about living in that place the way it is makes me feel uneasy and I’m not a neat freak by any means. Yikes. Having just moved, I have to say that I’d hate to have to pack that place up to move.

  • i’d take a pass on the privilege of owning someone’s basement for $200k considering that $300k gets you a whole house within 4 blocks.

    The renovations are just ok.

  • I would rather gouge my eyes out than pack all the sh*t in that Independence Ave house… Seriously. How much do you pay the movers for that job!?!

  • I walk past that Independence Ave house every day and this is the second time it has been up for sale. I think they were asking over a million the first time so they have come down a lot if I am correct. That price is waaaaaay more reasonable but it has still been on the market for longer than that price would suggest. I think the color/clutter is scaring people off. If I had the money I would overlook it and buy because I have always loved this house.

    I think they used other photos the last time because I only remember the yellow rooms.

    What’s funny is that they have been getting rid of some stuff (obviously need to have a serious yard sale ’cause it wasn’t enough) because they will occasionally put book and other things on their stoop for people to take.

    Those green sofas are hilarious.

  • I don’t know what happened to my post but I will try again. (hopefully you won’t end up with two saying essentially the same thing)

    I pass that house every day and this is the second time it has been on the market. I think last time it was over a million but I could be wrong. Either way they seem to have taken off a lot. Obviously, the colors and clutter are scaring people away. If I had the money I would overlook this and buy.

    I find those green sofas hilarious.

    Just a note they have been getting rid of some stuff. Every once in awhile they will put a few books and other stuff out for people to take. Obviously they need to have a yard sale or pack some stuff away and call PODS.

  • the Indep house woke me up and not in a good way. i think I now need to run to the bathroom to throw up. How does one live in that mess, it is a shock to almost every bodily sense 😛

  • Looks like the 0 Street Mansion to me.

  • I have one word for whoever buys those walls…


  • The Qunicy condo seems like it shouldn’t be a condo, makes more sense as a rental or inlaw for the unit above.

  • Independence Ave. house people need to take some staging tips from Flip That House or any of the other 50,000 shows like it. Too many tchochkes! I agree with others, this place would sell faster if they took down a lot of the crap and cleaned it up.

  • I think the price on the short sale is set intentionally low so the seller can gauge interest in the property, then take it off the market and put it back on at a higher price that reflects what they learn the first time around. That’s what happened with a short sale I bid on that was in this same price range.

  • I find the basement for 200k underwhelming…

    Also is it really such a good idea to sink that amount of money into an asset thats fundamentally attached to a house owned by other people?

  • I know I am missing something, but how do you have a ‘condo’ within a rowhouse? I wonder what the monthly condo fee is for unit #1.

    Can someone explain?

  • Two unit condo. The upper floors are another unit. Works ok if you get along with the other owner.

  • The condo unit I think is cute and well priced for the city. That being said, I owned a basement level condo in Maryland up until two years ago. I was able to sell it for a decent profit. I would not own another one ever b/c it always felt like a basement no matter how nice it was (it was a nice unit). If you don’t mind being essentially underground all day – then go for it. If you do, pass.

  • Holy Clutter! Wow!

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