Good Deal or Not? “skylights & spacious luxury master bath” edition

This home is located at 3546 Rock Creek Church Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Gorgeous renovation just steps to the METRO in HOT Columbia Heights/Park View area! 4/3/1 including a complete finished lower-level in-law suite/English bsmt for potential rental income! 2-Car Pkg! Beautiful finishes throughout, open floor plan-Great for entertaining! Exposed brick, custom built-ins, gas fireplace, covered front porch, skylights & spacious luxury master bath!”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

So what do you think of the renovation? Personally I’m a huge fan of this location – sorta halfway between the Petworth metro and all the new development restaurants on 11th St in Columbia Heights. Does $580,000 sound reasonable given the basement rental income?

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  • I wish I could say not a good deal, b/c it’s exactly the house I want for $180,000 more than I can pay. I think it should probably be more around $500,000-$525,000, but that might be wishful thinking.

  • That seems like a good deal to me. It’s a good looking reno in a good location, and the basement should fetch about $1K/month, right?

  • Having just bought a rowhome in CH I have done my research on homes in the area, and I can tell you this is a pretty good deal. I dont know what the rest of the block looks like, but for a complete renovation PLUS rental unit and two parking spots, this is very reasonably priced. Too bad it is a little too expensive for me!

  • I think it’s “priced right” but I wouldn’t call it a good deal. Personally, I’m not a fan of the open floor plan at all, and I think the builder could’ve added a bar/countertop as you enter into the kitchen to help break up the first floor.

    In all, looks like a good rennovation.

  • I think it’s a bit on the high end. It is a very busy street, and closer to Petworth, not CH. Remodel job is a bit boring, and why no pics of the main kitchen? I sure do hope it sells for that much, though!

  • Probably a good deal. But, the Reno is just one more Home Despot special by Flippers R Us.

  • Very reasonable $221/sq ft. What do people expect $200? $180?
    @PW Neighbor – There are loads more pictures – click through (as they aren’t organized logically).

    The fact that they left off a mirror in the master bath makes me wonder what corners did they cut underneath the drywall?

    I like the open floor plan but don’t like the lack of outdoor space. Its a decent deal and that neighborhood will see decent appreciation in the next 5-10 years.

  • I’m confused – I thought “in-law suite” was code for “no legal COO.” So sure, you MIGHT have rental income, but you also might not, depending upon whether someone decides to enforce the law….?

    • Right, or whether your tenant decides to pay rent – since if they don’t you basically have no recourse when the apt isn’t legal.

    • It is leagal to rent an inlaw suite with a roommate agreement. In fact, it preserves your property rights as a home owner better then a rental agreement would.

  • I’m with JenDC – is there an exterior front entrance to the basement?? It certaintly looks livable, but would it be legal?
    Otherwise, nicely renovated, nice location, reasonable price.

    • Those stairs under the front porch actually connect directly to a private tunnel which leads to the Metro. To get into the basement rental you have to get on the roof and then ride a fireman’s pole down into the basement. The pictures conveniently conceal both of these issues.

      • Opps! My bad. I looked at the virtual tour and not the main photo. That would be sweet if the stairs provided access to a private metro tunnel though – I’d like a place with that!

  • Great Deal, HPCK in DC

  • Seeing lots of nice comps in Petworth lately. Check out DC7342217, DC7151960 and DC7300269.

    • I think this location is better than Petworth to a lot of people, because you are a shorter walk to Giant, DC USA and the 11th st party zone

  • Great house and layout…appears to be a good deal, however, what about the neighborhood? Realize things will improve just like everywhere else, however, Is it an unsafe area to live in currently? I don’t know much beyond 11th/Kenyan as far as Columbia Heights goes.

  • Dirty

  • Reasonable, not necessarily a deal but a fair price considering the full renovation.

  • good deal, considering what’s selling just around the block (

    about 1000 more sq ft, with a rentable basement (kitchen, separate bedroom, LOADS of space) which would easily get 1500/mo. that would knock it down to a 1200/mo mortgage w/ a 20% down payment. plus, i think the renovations are better than that other one.

    the minuses are that it’s a busier street for sure, you’d probably hear the metro buses nonstop, as well as the firetrucks/ambulances/police cars that race up and down new hampshire.

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