Good Deal or Not? “Across from Soldiers’ and Airmen’s home” edition

This home is located at 311 Rock Creek Church Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Fabulous 3BR, 3BA row house in Petworth. Fully renovated in 2005. Generous room sizes. Great kitchen w/ breakfast room. Beautiful hardwood floors and high ceilings. Front porch and rear yard. Off street parking. Across from Soldiers’ and Airmen’s home. Easy walk to Petworth Metro and Petworth Rec Center with playground & spray park.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

What do you think of the renovation? Does $529,000 sound reasonable for this 3 bed/3 bath?

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  • Beautiful house, nice details, decent location, no yard, quite overpriced.

  • Good deal. It’s at the high end of the price range for the neighborhood, but also a very nice renovation. I like the kitchen and bathrooms a lot. Compared to recent sales of renovated rowhouses on Upshur St NW for $570K I’d say this price is fair.

  • Re the carport: don’t the car doors hit the concrete curb when you open them?

  • Now if they only had access to the grounds of the Home, there would be some valuable park-front real estate.

  • Good deal. Love that stretch of houses and there are some comparable sales.

  • The street ain’t that nice. This lot isn’t that spacious. For that money it ought to have a renter option in the basement and more interior space.

    Overpriced by 20% or more.

    • Really? I’d love to see the comps supporting your assessment that this place should be priced at $425K. As someone pointed out above, newly renovated places on Upshur are going for over $550k. About the only “downside” I see to this place is the lack of outdoor entertaining space in the back. If that’s your thing, you’ll probably look elsewhere. Me? I’d take the covered parking over a back deck. Or take off the small deck structure in the back and open up that gound floor space for use as an entertaining area.
      Not sure what this will go for but it won’t be %20 less than the current listing.

    • Solid house, ten minute walk to metro, scenic season changes at Soldiers Home, three floors of living, diverse and friendly neighborhood with room for appreciation (rare), $$ per square foot pricing that’s well in line for the neighborhood and low for the city, good renovation with room for additional upgrades, built-ins and decor….. I think you ain’t know what your talking about. You must be the one paying the $750,000 plus maintenance for a pre-2008 condo somewhere with a Wolf range in the kitchen. Get with it… it’s land, land, land.

  • Having recently been in the market trying to find a renovated rowhouse in the Petworth area for $500k or less, I would pay $500k for that place in a heartbeat.

  • I bet nice people live there. Too bad they are moving.

  • There’s nothing wrong with that street. It’s a nice mix of newcomers and old timers and the Home across the street makes it peaceful. Hopefully someone can get it for in the $490k’s.

  • Seems overpriced based on size/location. It is nice to see a restrained if somewhat underwhelming renovation.

  • We recently bought near by – seems like our house was about the same and we paid about 10% less. I do like the street – it’s a great bike route downtown from there and you’re close to the St. Paul’s cemetery – great for long walks and a great old and active church. I think $500k would be fair.

  • May not go for asking, but I bet it will be awfully close.

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