Go Burger Coming to 1317 Connecticut Ave, NW

The New York Times writes:

“In the coming months, Go Burger will open in New York at 1450 Second Avenue (75th Street), in Washington at 1317 Connecticut Avenue (near Dupont Circle), and in Los Angeles at 6290 Sunset Boulevard (Vine Street).”

This’ll be a popular burger street as Rogue States is located right across the street.

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  • Glad to hear this. I work around the corner and used to go to Rogue States about once a week until they got rid of the lunch special (which wasn’t too special at $10 after tax). A burger, fries, and a drink run $13 now (and their buns are terrible). I’ll give this place a shot, but I hope they keep price under $10.

    Captcha: “or Dinerstein” — Yes. DC needs some more diners, and good ones.

  • I love burgers, but this is just beyond the point of ridiculous now.

  • And also right around the corner from The Burger Joint on the same street. And just down the street from Five Guys…this is getting tiresome.

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