Garden of the Day

The little triangle garden at 4th and Shepherd Streets, NW is looking great again this year. I sometimes can’t believe that this used to be a trash and garbage strewn lot. Mad props to the neighbors who have beautified this space so nicely.

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  • PoP,

    Want about two weeks worth of Gardens of the Day ?

    Next time you’re in Adams Morgan, from Columbia Road walk down Biltmore Street where the front lawns are super long on both sides until Biltmore Street ends at the Biltmore Triangle Garden near the Duke Ellington Bridge.

    (Don’t miss 1915 Biltmore. It’s a Garden of the Month at least.)

  • A true example of a block/neighborhood that really cares about public space. I like!

  • Agreed! This group of neighbors has been vigilant about improving their neighborhood. The first year the plants were a little scraggly, but they have gotten better and better. Mad props!

  • Hey that looks quite a bit like the shape of my back yard! Lot of good ideas in that little space! Thanks!

  • So pretty. Love that they worked together to improve/maintain it.

  • 4th and Shepherd? Oh, that’s George W. Bush Park. Those folks have been taking care of that little space for years, though.

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