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  • Apparently it also has a serious algae problem at the moment. Also: DO NOT use the bathrooms at the top of the fountain, unless you’re particularly adventurous. I went in there to drop the kids off at the pool one evening, and came out a changed man.

  • I wish they’d reintroduce the giant lilly pads. That would take care of the algae.

  • Meridian Hill is one of my favorite places in DC. Easily beats out Dupont Circle or the national mall. Too bad it gets so sketch after dark!

  • I lived on 15th and Euclid for the past 5 years, and I would often go smoke cigars in the park after dark. At least, the upper part of the park. I haven’t heard of any random crime there in some time. I don’t think that this park is somewhere you should fear after sundown. I wouldn’t go skipping around at 3:00 am, but until 12:00 or so it’s fine.

  • Don’t the Park Police patrol the area after dark? You’d think that might deter any potential crime.

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