From the Files of Crazy Crap You Find in Alleys

At first I was just checking out a carriage house in a Bloomingdale Alley but then I stumbled upon this sight. Perhaps this could be the craziest caption contest ever? Notice the flamingo there in the bottom left corner as well…

If this inspires any crazy captions I’ll be glad to pick a bonus winner for this week.

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  • Flick’s Retirement Dreams

  • Kim Cattrall’s career is afloat in 2010 with a sequel to Mannequin– Mannequin 3: Jail Birds featuring Marion Barry as Hollywood Montrose.

  • I don’t know the owners of this carriage house at the end of the Alley behind our house, but THANK YOU! We crack up every time we drive by and look up.

    Have you seen the new art display for Bloomingdale’s latest gallery on First street? “Mannequin Flamingo Suicide”

  • Dear PoP:

    So I was up late one night taking care of my newborn son when I realized I could see naked neighbors in several of the apartments across the alley…

  • Mmmmmmm…you really ARE double-hung.

  • “Gentrification Isn’t Always Human”

  • Just imagine the crazy shit you’ll see if Big Bear Cafe gets a liquor license.

  • From the MPD police blotter: “Calling all cars… Reports of a home burglary in the Bloomingdale neighborhood… Owners report that the only things taken were a pair of plastic hands. Be on the lookout for a white female, 6 ft. tall, blank expression on her face. Suspect is unarmed. She was aided by two flamingoes who may have acted as look-outs…”

  • I didn’t know John Waters was filming in D.C.

  • In light of the recent heated debates surrounding businesses trying to progress in Bloomingdale…

    “Bloomingdale Civic Association and Ward 5 ANC meetings favorite type of resident. Can’t speak and no hands to vote should a community vote ever happen.”

  • “DCRA’s strictly limits the height, dress and positioning of female mannequin’s in windows per DC construction code.”

    “DC Construction code Chapter 6, Part 5, Sub-chapter 7 clearly states whereas female mannequins may be fixed within window openings, they are restricted to non-permanent attachments, but may be supported by one or two birds of the same species native to florida, colored in historic fashion.”

  • if you want to ride, ride the white pony

  • Not having a washing machine in her apartment, Diana decided to have a go at riding the window ac unit for a thrill…

  • For the win…

  • That’s my alley!!!! Every morning my son ask “are they are going to put clothes on her”

    And vistors are always shocked when we drive past her.

    Great conversation piece !

  • Well that is one way to keep your pantyhose from sagging.

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