Fro Yo in Columbia Heights

Thursday afternoon a reader sent in word of Frozen Yogurt opening up in Columbia Heights Plaza. It does not disappoint. I checked it out Thurs. evening and it’s the first I ever tried self serve before. It was pretty simple. You see from the photo below, you pull the selection from the wall on the right and choose toppings at the back and then pay (by weight) up front. Nice and easy. For folks that went when it was crowded – how fast did the line flow?

Earlier today someone also wanted to know the hours:

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  • my roommate and i walked over and checked it out this evening as well. great flavors, good toppings, and not super expensive compared to say, tangysweet ($.39 an ounce). we’ll definitely be going back ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Definitely cheaper than the more upscale places like tangysweet, and a better selection of lowfat yogurt. I like the Peanut Butter flavor, goes well with hot fudge.

  • I work right around the corner from the Fro Yo downtown. Its so good, but is often overwhelmed by tourists. Since i hate people I usually will only go when its colder out and all the tourists are busy buying neon paint splattered DC sweatshirts. BUT…the yogurt is great and the price is right. I recommend putting a few topping at the bottom of the bowl, then filling it with fro yo, then putting more toppings on top. A Fro Ho Parfait, if you will.

  • I had the chocolate Fro Yo for dinner tonight and it was quite tasty. Big fan of the little pieces of yellow cake they had as a topping.

  • I stopped by late tonight and tried a bunch of stuff–the red velvet cake was good, and so was the peanut butter. The toppings were yummy–I also give the yellow cake a thumbs up, along with the fruit.

  • I went this evening and found it to be a nice addition to the neighborhood. They had about a dozen flavors, all of which are low- or non-fat, and you can mix and match as many as you like. As for how it compares to other yogurt places, I think it’s a better value than Tangysweet, which I don’t care for, but I didn’t like it as much as Mr. Yogato. Then again, Mr. Yogato isn’t a block from my apartment… I suspect I’ll be coming here a lot this summer. It’s a good deal!

  • So what about this spot relates to zen precepts?

  • I like Tangysweet, and the pictures here look nice, so I’ll be giving this a try. Nice addition to the neighborhood.

  • Oh I hope they have a good cleanup staff there. This could get really gross, real quick, especially in high traffic times.

  • i miss rita’s ๐Ÿ™

  • Tried it last night. If you want tangy, refreshing fro yo, this is not it. Sweet, sweet, sweet — good, but certainly in the “substitute ice cream” category, not the “tastes like yogurt” category. But, toppings are good and it is certainly as tasty a frozen sweet treat as Ritas was.

  • Am I the only one that sees a wall of urinals?

  • underwhelmed. Pinkberry, Tangysweet and the like are overpriced, but it’s much healthier version of frozen yogurt (live active cultures) and a higher quality product (IMHO)

    I would rate it a notch below TCBY on texture and mouth feel. Equally sweet as TCBY.

    • It’s a freaking treat! Not a high colonic soul-purging duty. Eat it if you like it. Don’t if you don’t. Active cultures = foot fungus. Frozen yogurt = ice cream – but not – but who really cares.

  • Went last night. Hooray.

  • Do you know if they will serve vegan frozen yogurt? If so, I will be there everyday!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yes the do! They also have for lactose intolerant folks.

      • I went there this weekend to try to get vegan frozen yogurt. They don’t have vegan frozen yogurt, only sorbet. I am not sure if the sorbet is vegan (some is not), but I didn’t bother to ask because I don’t like sorbet. I wish they had vegan frozen yogurt.

        • you could walk around the corner to sticky finger for vegan fro-yo

        • DO NOT go here if you have food allergies. My son has a dairy allergy and we asked if they had any dairy free yogurt. The person we spoke to pointed us to a machine that indicated the yogurt was Mango and “lactose free”. We told the person that lactose free does not mean dairy free. The person insisted that it was dairy free. It was not. My son broke out with a severe rash all over his body. When we spoke with a manager later that night he confirmed that the Mango flavor was not dairy free and that although they did have a sorbet, they use the same machines as the dairy machines. We will be sticking with Sticky Fingers vegan ice cream (for my son anyway).

  • wow! how great. just had some yogurt, it was fab. the staff was very friendly. what a great addition to the area.

  • I stopped in on Friday evening– there were only a handful of people in there. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The selection was great from the fro-yo to the toppings. The price was right too.

  • Very yummy!! Sad to say, I have been there almost every other day since they opened. I have yet to have a flavor I did not like….today I had Snickerdoodle, Mango, Passion fruit, and Coconut. I must have missed the day they had Captain Crunch. ๐Ÿ™ Definitely better than Tangy Sweet. Not that anyone goes to places like this and expects good service…but you may occassionally get a taste of bad attitude from some of the high school students that work there.

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