Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Bloomingdale

This rental is located at 1st and R Streets, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Spacious 600+ sqft space in historic restored building
High-end European appliances including washer/dryer, convection oven and dishwasher in unit

Hardwood flooring and premium European cabinetry with deluxe finishes including stainless steel and marble counter tops. High ceilings with quiet, modern ceiling fan/light in bedroom – (note that “loft-style” means the bedroom wall does not go to ceiling and there is no door – see photo 2 below). Many, huge, oversized European sound-proof windows all with custom window treatments– windows tilt out not in to save you space. Built in storage nook from Container Store plus additional closets and bookshelves so lack of storage”

I’m curious to know what you guys think of this one. I’m thinking this is gonna go fast. What do you guys think of $1395 a month with a parking spot?

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  • Is European cabinetry a euphemism for Ikea?

    captcha: scariest notion

  • It’s kind of pricey for being way the hell out in Bloomingdale. At least it comes with a parking spot. You could probably find something in Columbia Heights for about that much

  • The apartment itself looks good. Too bad they are trying so hard to sell the
    neighborhood! I keep seeing an ad in Takoma DC/Brightwood trying sooo
    hard to sell a boring neighborhood far far away from anything interesting
    for a young single!

  • The bias against ledroit/bloomingdale/eckington on this site is approaching the level of completely ridiculous.

    • I don’t think it’s a stretch to say those neighborhoods are overpriced given the general lack of amenities or neighborhood features. Compare what’s available in any of those three with neighborhoods further west – there are fewer things to do and you’re further from metrorail.

      • So… an entire 3 or 4 bedroom house, with a yard, and parking for the price of a low budget 2br condo in crime ridden Columbia Heights is over priced?

      • If you count that place being 6 blocks from a Metro station as “far,” well…

    • Sounds like someone needs to start

    • Prince Of Petworth

      @bias Most people know personally I love Bloomingdale/ledroit etc. but when you say things like “crime ridden Columbia Heights” don’t you see how you are being a bit hypocritical?

      • I know you love it. You cover it constantly. I meant the commenters when I said “this site”. I consider you to be basically unbiased.

        Regarding being hypocritical, no not really… instances of crimes in CH, petworth, and U street are far more frequent tyan ledroit/eck/bloom. Per capita? I dunno… but just looking at the dc crime map is eyeopening. I would never have thought it myself till I did a little project to plot it all out. Now I will take some criticism of being hypocritical… clearly there is a crime problem here… but its shockingly safe. In all I was just trying to pester those who have the bias…

        • the crime rate in the 20011 (Petworth) zip code is FAR lower than ledroit/eck/bloom. you are completely talking out your ass on that point.

          • I know this will blow your mind:

            Within 1500 Meters of 3700 Georgia Avenue in the last year:
            Total Violent Crime 117
            Total Property Crime 374
            Total Crime 491

            Within 1500 Meters of 100 R Street NW for the same period:
            Total Violent Crime: 94
            Total Property Crime: 196
            Total Crime: 290

          • That’s a strawman. I made a point about the Petworth zip code. you refuted by picking a small area out of petworth where you could find a higher crime rate than a place you hand selected in bloomingdale.

          • I mean, i can do that, too. For what i consider about the core of Petworth (New Hampshire and Upshur), here are the stats for 1 year:

            Total Violent Crime: 42
            Total Property Crime: 101
            Total Crime: 143

            Less than HALF the violent crime and total crime than your selected location.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          @bias you know it’s possible to love your neighborhood without hating on other neighborhoods. But you do what you gotta do even if it makes you as bad or worse as those who compelled you do it in the first place.

          For the record a 1500 meter comparison of a metro station and 1st and R is not comparable.

          • I didnt carefully pick the metro and a “handpicked” area in bloomingdale in order to skew my results. the property in question is at or near 100 R St NW… It also is, I believe, within 1500 meters of the crime-iest part of the area which is NY Ave/Fl Ave and North Capitol. I picked the Petworth Metro because nearly everyone who lives there will likely go to 3700 Georgia on a regular basis because its a transit hub.

            This method fails to account for population density, or the number of opportunities criminals have to commit crimes. So, it is completely possible that a random pedestrian in Petworth stands a far lower chance of themselves being a victim of, or even witnessing, a crime. It is likely (though I dont know) that there are far more people in Petworth than Eck/Bloom/LeDroit, so it distributes the risk. If 1500 people walk down 100 R Street a year but 15000 walk down 3700 Georgia, then even if there’s a higher raw number if its adjusted by the population its far less. I don’t know enough to know how to make that comparison or if its as significant as I think…

            I’m not hating on any neighborhoods – I dont think any of these areas are actually “crime ridden”, I was just using a little hyperbole. The original issue was crime vs amenities. I am repeatedly surprised at how the market prices proximity to bars/restaurants/coffee shops/etc with a premium and it subtracts value to be away from these places but with probably a greater chance of safety.

            Eckington/Bloomingdale/Ledroit AND Petworth prove that. They both have fewer instances (again, who knows when divided by population) of crime than areas with far more attractive businesses but are a lot cheaper.

            So basically, it doesnt matter what we think of our respective areas in terms of crime – its clear that the majority of people put a far higher premium on proximity to amenities than on seclusion and *maybe* safety. Its a personal preference, I suppose. For me, it didnt really matter – I couldnt afford some more trendy areas, even if I wanted to live there (I’m still undecided on if I had the money if I would).

            No need to jump down my throat anymore, I’m really not being unreasonable here.

          • Also, I think that 1400, unless utilities are included, is about 200 dollars overpriced… it is, afterall, bloomingdale, so there needs to be an adjustment for that. 600 sq ft in b’dale for 1400 seems high. Id be interested to see if it goes quickly.

  • How exactly is 600 sq foot spacious?

  • where those pics taken from a security camera? I couldn’t tell if I was looking at an apartment or for a terrorist

  • We live in LeDroit and love it. I walk through Bloomingdale all the time. I’ve been in DC 8 years, lived previously in Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan.

    Rents are up everywhere. We’re actually looking for a bigger place than our current one… Rents all over the city are up. By a lot.

    $1400 for a nicely done apartment (even a small one) with parking is right in there for current prices. Even better if utilities are included. Parking isn’t such a premium over here, so it’s nice but not a must.

  • Oh – and that location is ace. Big Bear Cafe is right there and Windows cafe & corner market is a few blocks away on Rhode Island. All the 90s busses run along FL Ave, so you can get to U Street or Capitol Hill easily. If you bike, Florida Ave is horrible but R Street is great for biking.

    And if you need a storage unit because the apt is only 600 sf, there’s a good one at 1st and R NE.

    • And it’s probably convenient to some really awesome public housing, too. Seriously, Bloomingdale has got to be the most overrated neighborhood in all the District.

      • Please do the comps on public housing, you’ll be surprised at how little there is. Much, much less here than elsewhere. Look at co-hi, several hundred units w/ contracts out through 2020 w/in 2-4 blocks of the metro. Our problem is not public housing, but the service dumping ground, methadone clinics, shelters, etc. Hell, people are bussed in to the neighbourhood every day because the local population can’t fully utilize the services (ie, SOME)

  • “Bloomingdale has got to be the most overrated neighborhood in all the District.”
    we should change the bloomingdale blog banner to Bloomingdale: Most Overrated in DC.
    or “Way the Hell Out”

    ; )

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I think Bloomingdale hatred could be from trolls.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        I mean I believe the majority of readers don’t hate bloomingdale. Or Columbia heights for that matter…

  • What? I can’t believe I missed an opportunity to weigh in!

    As for price, I know this will rent in about a week or two, tops. If it were me, I would ask for at least $1500. Some may not realize, but this neighborhood actually supports a number of basement rentals close to what she’s asking. She’s on the 4th floor, and there should be a premium for that.

    The rivalry between Col Heights and Le Blooming Ton is a little silly, but seems inevitable. I will say, one of the things I like about my hood as a car owner, is that I can get on 395 in a minute, and can get to 295 (as it meets 50) in 10 minutes. It’s pretty much ideal for urbanites like myself who work outside of the city.

    • In TC, don’t forgot that you have two metro lines w/in 10m walking. I feel a hell of a lot connected to the rest of the city living here than further west

  • Looks like a nice place, actually. Likin’ the brick. I think the price could drop about $100, but it’ll probably go for the asking price quickly.

    I’m a Bloomingdale homeowner. People who don’t live here or visit here don’t understand this neighborhood. They don’t get it. Some of them are defensive about their own neighborhoods, and the crime and negativity that come with them, and don’t understand how this area of our city can be such an oasis. Some day they’ll visit or move here, and they’ll get it. Until then, I suggest ignoring the snarky, ignorant comments.

  • Yeah this “debate” is pretty dumb. Bloomingdale offers tranquility, big yards, Victorian architecture, and easy access to 395/NY Ave and the Hospital Center. Crime is on par with other gentrifying neighborhoods. If none of that floats your boat, then there are other neighborhoods to live in. Moving on…

  • Overrated for sure. More annoying, self-absorbed bloggers per capita, as well.

  • I just bought a GREAT place at a GREAT price in Bloomingdale and plan to stay there quite a few years. I do not know much about the area and would love any info that people who actually live there can give. I am moving from Columbia Heights, what I loved there was so much to do, shopping, rock creek park, yes market, DCUSA and resturants were all on my walk home, it was easy to pick up something on the way home. What I hated was the crime, and the people (i.e. hoodlums, section 8 high rises on every block, crime, etc etc)

    On a good note it looks like DPR will be bringing a small community garden to Bloomingdale by next year in the 1st / t / Rhode Island triange

    • You’ll find there’s slightly less crime, but that’s probably because everything else you had in Columbia Heights is miles away. The Metro is quite a hike through some pretty sketchy areas, and there is very little in terms of retail/services/bars/restaurants. Nice architecture though.

  • At that prince in Bloomingdale does it make more sense to buy?

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