Formerly Angry Inch, Formerly True Story, Formerly Morgan’s, Formerly Draft Pix Now The Leaky Faucet

Wow, I had high hopes when I wrote the post Formerly Angry Inch, Formerly True Story, Formerly Morgan’s – Now “Draft Pix” Sport Bar back in July ’09. I’ve seen a lot of businesses change over the years but this particular property may have the record. While I wish the Leaky Faucet the best of luck, what’s the over/under?

The Leaky Faucet is located at 2450 18th St, NW.

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  • With the nightlife development in U Street, Chinatown, H Street, etc, in past years, there’s a decreasing need for bars in the Morgue.

    It could be more complicated…

  • There is not a decreasing need for bars in Adams Morgan. Go to any other bar in the area and they are doing just fine. The problem is, this location has simply been cursed in terms ownership/management.

    I would regularly try having a drink at the Angry Inch, True Story, and Draft Pix… and the service was forgettable. There would be 2-3 other people in the place and the bartender would regularly ignore you.

    They just had a horrible feel… and I wish the Leaky Faucet the best of luck.

    • Point is, many of the neighborhood barfronts get a new shingle every 3 or 4 years. People don’t close profitable businesses, so I’m not sure that’s a sign of bars doing fine. Just as a Spy Bar or Anzu shutters, a Grand Central or Town Tavern opens up. Didn’t Left Bank just close? And Kokopouli’s too? It isn’t just dives that are closing doors — it’s places with VIP sections, too.

  • The landlord of 2450 18th Street, NW is inattentive to his property and inexperienced in vetting prospective tenants.

    Sadly, he just carelessly rents to the first person that comes forward with the first month’s rent and a deposit.

    This revolving door of occupancy comes from a property owner that does not contribute to this commercial strip and couldn’t qualify to occupy his own property.

    This includes the other property he owns across the street where over the years he makes no improvements at all and does not deserve the stable tenant he has.

    His idea of being a landlord is limited to collection of rents.

  • Um, “Our drip is worth the trip”?? Seriously??

  • the problem is while the name has changed a dozen times the concept never has. Its just a crappy bar. All they need to do is put 5 skee ball lanes in there and people will come. That or make a halfway decent burger and get a good beer list. Or make it a BYOfood bar where I can watch sports and gorge myself on empanadas. Don’t change the name. change the concept.

  • This place has been dreadful for years. A name change is little more than that.

  • Haven’t been in there since it was the Inch, did any of the other tenants ever fix up that downstairs bathroom? It gave the can at Dan’s Cafe a run for it’s money….

  • i like anon’s skeeball bar concept. i dont think Admo has that yet. perhaps add a nice indie jukebox and a pinball machine and id be there every night.

    –ha, the captcha reads “that crappiest”

    • Yeah, pinball! I’ve just become addicted but there’s hardly anywhere to play in DC. Love the Harley-Davidson machine at Iron Horse but I need more variety. Going to try RoRoHoHo soon. Do you know any other spots?

  • I liked the Inch for what it was (a cheap bar), I never bothered to set foot in its replacements. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done with that space, just too narrow. Frankly, I think the operation of this place is living up to the lowest common denominator of its intended clientele: cheap beer, low overhead, pack ’em in on the weekends. Very little in Adams Morgan has any character any more 🙁

  • I vote for shuffleboard tables. I’m not aware of any bar in Adams Morgan with those.

  • One problem is, it’s a small place. I don’t know how you would fit shuffleboard tables in it. While I love playing, they are a huge waste of space when they aren’t being used. They are also expensive to maintain (one beer in the sand and it’s a major mess).

    If I were the owner, I would take a page out of the Black Squirrel’s playbook. That location went from a very forgettable “Irish bar” to something that I enjoy on a regular basis. They have a good beer selection, the food is impressive, and the staff actually gives a care.

    I walked past the Angry Inch/True Story/Morgan’s,/Draft Pix/The Leaky Faucet this morning and the sign posted above was gone.

    POP, do you remember seeing the Draft Pix sign in the “menu box” when you were there?

  • Nothing constructive to say, I just like the idea of “one beer in the sand” being the root of all ruination.

  • There are shuffleboard tables at Bedrock Billiards on Columbia.

  • I think there is something to the theory that U St. Chinatown H St etc are attracting the more “quality” patronage. Adams Morgan is just depressing now.

  • I don’t think that it’s the quality of the patrons in AdMo that is the problem. Our restaurant/bar has really wonderful patrons. I think it’s the quality of the concepts that some owners come up with that’s the problem. There are lots of great people in the AdMo area, you just have to give them something worth patronizing.

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