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  • This just screams WNBA to me which screams failure to me. I’ve read up on the artist she is self-taught and French and critically acclaimed. This stuff is not for me, but plenty of people seem to like it. And at the end of the day what’s wrong with having a little art you dislike around?

  • why is there a formless female Michael Jordan in sequined red hot pants in this sculpture?

    • Its art. No questions! Obey!! Conform!!!! The Emperor is wearing beautiful clothes!

      • +1!!

        I live just up 12th street and I think these are pretty neat. This area is a bit.. colorless and I think it adds a neat touch! I don’t necessarily think it’s good or bad, just interesting and cool to look at! I’m glad downtown is getting some different stuff!

  • From a distance, it looks like a thrift store vomited on a pile of armored seals doing tricks.

  • Despite what some Washington Post art critic says, I am moved by these sculptures and saddened they are not here to stay. Critic seems to think they don’t have any deeper meaning, but yet the Black dudette in shorts totally using the white man to make a hoop is a deep reflection of the racial realities in DC today.

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