El Floridano Cuban Food Truck Soft Opens

I know folks were eager to meet the El Floridan Cuban Food Truck. I’m happy to report that you will be able to do so soon. But you have to get a bit lucky as the locations for the soft opening will not be announced in advance. I’m told they, “will be rolling around watching for people flagging me down”. However starting Monday 5/24 they’ll be up and running for real kicking off near 18th and M Streets, NW.

They can be followed on twitter here @FLmeetsDC

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  • This whole “guess where we’ll be today” thing is getting quite old. I know that there are poeple who get excited by all of the tweeting, but it’s really not worth it.

    Put a schedule together people. Have a circuit. If you need to alter it, fine. But don’t make me have to wonder where you’ll be today just because you are too lazy to get there early enough to guarantee yourself your usual spot.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      The no schedule is just for the soft opening.

      • Yeah, but I mean generally. These carts need to get a schedule together and not just tweet at the last minute where they are going to be.

        • My understanding of the way the food trucks are licensed (and I could be wrong, so please someone feel free to correct me) is that they can only stay in one spot if they have a line. They’re not allowed, as you suggest, to get there early and just camp out all day. So the Tweeting is necessary to make sure there’s always going to be a crowd. I think that’s one of the reasons the Fojol Brothers will tweet when there’s no line and no wait. It’s to encourage people to come so they don’t have to leave.

          • If that were the case then how would the hot dog carts manage to stay there all day?

            And, yes, I don’t like the whole twitter cart scene so I need to go to McDonald’s. Clearly those are the two options.

            The best cart in town, Pedro & Vinny’s, manages to stay in the same spot.

  • hey badger, i got a solution for you. go to mcdonalds. its at the corner of 14th and U. its there everyday, rain or shine. you can put that one on your calendar… in INK!

    • Actually that McDonald’s has been closed for health code violations quite a few times over the years.

  • When can I get the Fidel????

    • You don’t really want it.

      11 million people have been getting the Fidel for more than 50 years on that island.

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