Dear PoP – Summer Cleaning

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“Dear PoP,

My lease is ending soon, so my landlord wants to start showing our home (2BR English basement). I want to give the place a good top to bottom scrub before he does (my roommates have lived in the house for 2 years, so naturally it’s gone through some wear and tear). In addition to regular cleaning, we want to get our carpets cleaned.

Can you or your readers suggest an affordable and reliable cleaning company? Has anyone had luck finding someone on Craigslist, or is it best to stick with an actual company?”

Anyone have any positive experiences for a onetime major cleaning?

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  • You should let your landlord deal with getting the carpets cleaned and the top to bottom cleaning. It’s in no way your responsibility and I’m not sure why you would go to all that trouble for an apt. you’re moving out of.

    • it would certainly help if you are worried about getting your security deposit back – depends on whether it’s normal wear and tear or not. If you do it I would rent a machine from a store. It’s probably better done when you move out since you won’t be able to walk on the carpets while they are wet.

      • Yeah, check the conditions on your lease. Most likely, anything beyond normal wear and tear and it can be pulled out of the security deposit.

        Anyone know how enforceable the usual ‘unit must be as clean as when it was delivered’ clauses are? IE, if you haven’t cleaned the stove since you moved in, and there’s enough grime in the fridge to change the shelf color, good luck getting that deposit back. On the other hand if you received it like that, make sure you have pics

  • There’s a WTD promotion going on now (similar to Groupon) for a maid service:

    Anyone tried Maid Easy before? I’m thinking about grabbing one of these for a spring cleaning, too!

  • Your Pampered Home — been using them to clean my apt regularly for 2+ years. But let your landlord clean the carpets.

  • What are the rates of these cleaning companies and what services are included?

  • I was happy with the Green Mop when i used them. They use all environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

  • Dude i totally need the same thing. I have a one bedroom not groundfloor apartment but I’d love help cleaning it up.

  • Take your 20% off coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy a bissell pro heat carpet cleaner ($150.00 – $30 = $120.00) Clean your carpet, then sell the cleaner on Craigslist for $70.00. With the cost of soap, you’re only out about $60.00. It cleans as well as anything – our condo used to have one for routine hallway cleaning.

  • I used Filipino House Cleaning Service recently and was very impressed. They did a great job cleaning the whole house at a reasonable price. (Found them through good yelp reviews.)

  • We use greenmop on a bi-weekly basis – they also do carpet cleaning.

    I would definitely talk to them.

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