Dear PoP – recommendation for dog trainers

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“Dear PoP,

As a follow up to the posting on vet recommendations, I’m wondering if you could ask your readers for their dog trainer recommendations. I’m looking for a basic obedience training for my new dog.”

Anyone use(d) a trainer?

This seems like an especially good topic now given the talk of barking dogs in the RRRa/oR post today.

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  • Old Towne School for Dogs in Alexandria. It’s pricey but their trainers are the best. We had Dave and he was terrific.

  • houseintherear

    Cap. Dog Training Center (CDTC) in Silver Spring.

  • I’ve worked with Michelle at Good Dog DC. She’s great and in the city! Her rates were extremely competitive and she’s done wonders for our new puppy.

  • I’m a huge fan of Spring Training

  • We had a great experience with Nancy Kellner of What a Good Dog! She does in-home training sessions and is very thorough about training both the dog AND the owners.

  • In the suburbs, Greenbelt Dog Training

  • Can anyone recommend a trainer who can help socialize an adult rescue dog with other dogs? Mine sometimes barks, jumps, or lunges when other dogs pass him on the sidewalk. Other times he seems happy enough to meet other dogs, but then when he gets close, he seems to get nervous and sometimes nips, growls, etc. I don’t think he wants to fight, he just lacks social skills. He’s 60 pounds though, so it makes me nervous. He doesn’t seem to know the to do the butt sniff, play bow, and other usual dog greeting behaviors. So is there a real life Cesar Milan with a pack of perfectly socialized dogs who want to teach other dogs?

    • blester01


      I recommend contacting Liberty K9 ( I worked with Kristina with our 15 lb Cairn that we rescued from the WHS. She was not socialized properly by her original family, and she gained severe fear aggression (trainers at WARL recommended she be put down she was in such bad shape).

      Kristina and Butch follow Cesar’s philosophy and will teach you how to get control. I can tell you Cesar’s methods work. It may take sometime, but with patience, discipline, and consistency your dog’s behavior will dramatically improve.

    • i can help but it depends where u live iv trained 2 dogs so far and looking for more to help

  • Rachel at K9Divine here in DC:

    She’s great!!! She also boards in small groups – no crates, no cages.

  • Ditto on Rachel of K9 Divine!

  • blester01

    Recommendations depend on the training method and type of dog. If you have a puppy, the clicker or traditional methods work. I assume any of the trainers listed above would work.

    If you have an older dog who needs behavior modification/ rehabilitation, then I recommend Liberty K9 ( They will work with large or small dogs that have anything from aggression to fear. Not many trainers will work with large aggressive dogs, but they are one of the few who do and get results.

  • I appreciate all the recommendations – my recently acquired rescue dog needs some basic obedience training.

  • The Washington Humane Society also provides obedience classes and private sessions, they have great trainers, we worked with Kevin and he was great to work with.

  • I am a dog trainer i am only 12 but i already have a training job iv already took classes and got 1st in class out of adults. I will help for cheap where do you live?

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