Dear PoP – People leisurely walking into speeding traffic

Photo by PoPville Flickr user Blinkofanaye Ed. Note: I love the photo above and don’t mean to imply they were walking into traffic…

“Dear PoP,

Whats the deal with people walking into speeding traffic in dc? I have witnessed and nearly been in many an accident caused by people or groups of people leisurely sauntering across the street with no regard for the traffic. Its as if they just expect people to slam on their brakes or swerve to avoid them… I admit that I j-walk when the coast is clear, but walking into speeding traffic is just ridiculous. I often see the behavior with groups of young high school kids who just walk out into traffic and ignore the cars… if you honk they flick you off and curse at you… I feel like this has gotten more and more prevalent, over the past few months even, as no one is being punished or has been killed by the behavior. Its particularly bad down around u st. Anyone else experiencing this? What can we do about it?”

I have noticed this for years though I’m not sure anything can be done besides a pr campaign by the city. But for full disclosure, I know sometimes when I’m taking photos I sometimes find myself absentmindedly wandering into the middle of the road, I’ve had a few close calls and do need to pay better attention.

There actually is a campaign called Street Smart you know the one with the terrifying posters.

There was a press release back in March ’09.

Can anything else be done besides a PR campaign?

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  • I find Georgia Ave to be the worst. I don’t even drive on it anymore, for fear of hitting some drug adict and getting sued. Not much you can do, though. DC Police have their hands full with real crime.

    • Georgia Ave definintely is one of the worst places for this particular offense, though I’ve seen it on 14th street in Columbia Heights (the portion you can actually drive through – closer to Columbia, Euclid, etc) as well. In some cases it’s almost a dare or a taunt. Ah, city living.

    • 6th St. NW (b/t New York and Rhode Island Avenues) is pretty bad — it is like some kind of video game but with real consequences. People wearing all black running out between parked cars in the middle of the block.

  • Cars Suck. If you ask me we should just have all roads painted like crosswalks and pedestrians should have the right-of-way always.

    • ah

      Take it to GGW.

      I blame GGW for this casual, pedestrians-first attitude.

      • That made me laugh. GGW bugs the crap out of me. They are borderline militant about urban planning and bicycle advocacy.

  • the problem stems for the awful law in this city that allows anyone at anytime to walk into a crosswalk and traffic is suppose to stop. Now people think they can cross anywhere in the road and that traffic will stop. Its not the people, its that stupid law that people take it to allpy anywhere

    • Stupid Law that pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks? Isn’t that like. the whole point of a crosswalk? Don’t think thats a DC Thing. More of a Crosswalk thing. Not that any driver actually yeilds to a pedestrian waiting to cross at a crosswalk. Which is why we just start walking. But anyway. Cars suck. Keep lining BPs pockets why dont you.

      • They should be signaled – or when they are signaled, then Pedestrians should have to obey. Like the cars and bicycles.

        There is an assumption that there’s something morally superior about non-motorized transportation (foot, bicycle, etc.) such that they are always entitled to deference.

        I do think the law gets it right about the un-signaled crosswalks. Still, you’re an idiot if you just step out without looking. I find the crosswalks and lack of courtesy from drivers to be a huge frustration, particularly when running.

        I guess what I’m saying is, yes, pedestrians are scofflaws too, and they’re not more ‘entitled’ than cars.

        • saf

          “There is an assumption that there’s something morally superior about non-motorized transportation (foot, bicycle, etc.) such that they are always entitled to deference. ”

          No, the assumption is the larger gives way to the smaller. Works the same way with boats too – the smaller gets right of way.

          • I trust you don’t operate nautical vessels frequently. This assumption is completely false, in fact the opposite is true. Typically, the vessel with the least amount of maneuverability has the right of way, the larger the vessel, the less maneuverability.

            Not trying to be a know-it-all, but with the boating season upon us, boater safety is of high importance.

          • saf

            Not in big places, no. And not in a number of years.

            That’s what I was taught in my boat safety classes.

    • ah

      Not true if there’s a traffic light.

    • Uh, no. The whole point of crosswalks is to allow pedestrians to cross. Cars are supposed to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks. Of course, they never do in this city. Problem #1 is cars not stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks. Problem #2 is idiot pedestrians just crossing the street whereever they damn well please. That’s a good way to get yourself killed. It’s called following the rules and both drivers and pedestrians should do so.

  • It’s a control thing and an A-hole thing. For every BMW driver careening through the streets, there’s a jerk who thinks he can walk wherever s/he wants to, and a bicyclist who can’t be bothered to stop at traffic controls.

    Everyone’s aggrieved so everyone uses it as their own little personal power play.

    • This is so true. Sometimes people cross soooo slowly in front of a car that you just know they’re doing it for exactly this reason.

      • My dad used to be able make his tires skid to a perfect stop right in front of people who were crossing like jack—es. It scared the crap out of people, but I don’t recommend it.

        But that brings up a point, this is hardly a new phenomena. It’s been going on for 20+ years.

        • I endorse this opinion.

          But lets not ignore the flagrant disregard by vehicles that stop right on top of the designated crosswalks at rush hour. As a walker/mass transit user that really pisses me off. Having a car doesn’t make your trip more important.

        • What, passive-aggressive behavior has been around for a while?

    • Well said! I’m mainly a pedestrian but ALSO a driver (zOMG DC, you *can* be both!).

      Follow the rules and no one usually gets hurt!

  • They’re just trying their best to get the 2010 Darwin Award, or decided to take Frogger to the next level.

  • DC needs to enforce the laws. It is pretty simple.

    Giuliani had it right in NYC with the Broken Window Policy –

    The idea is simple and compelling. A broken window–or a littered sidewalk, a graffito, or what you like–does no great harm to a neighborhood if promptly addressed. But left untended, it sends a signal: that no one cares about this neighborhood, that it is a safe place to break things, to litter, to vandalize. Those who engage in such behaviors will feel safe here. And once these minor miscreants have become well established, perhaps it will seem a safe enough neighborhood in which to be openly drunk, in which to beg for money, and possibly extort it. In short the smallest symptoms of antisocial behavior will, left to fester, breed greater and greater crimes, all the way down to murder.

    • agreed. i’ve said this a lot too. i’ve lost count how many times i’ve seen DC police cars aroudn when traffic laws were being broken and they clearly couldn’t be bothered.

      guess what, driving in this city sucks because no one punishes those that make it suck.

      • Cops cost money. Until we’re willing to either pay more or redirect existing funds, we’ve got what we’ve got.

        We’d also have to hire more judges with a different philosophy. Half of the problem with enforcement is the lack of follow up by the judiciary.

        • You may have a point about judges, but your comment doesn’t address the point. Yes, cops cost money, and for those high salaries, we expect them to do a little work every now and again, like pull somebody over when they’re driving like maniacs. Sure, cops can’t be everywhere at once, but who among us hasn’t witnessed DC cops just being lazy and complacent in the face of drivers, pedestrians, and bikers who are breaking the law?

          • I am scared. Once again I agree with a NON.

          • Sure, but I’ve seen bike cops chasing bicyclists down the street too. By and large, I think the DC cops do a decent job. They don’t do a wonderful job, but they do a decent job.

            If you wanted the cops to do a better job, you’d have to give them the political cover to do their jobs. The drawback is that then you’d have to defend guys like the snowball-gun detective.

          • i’m guessing its too much paperwork for them.. i think if we just put a bicycle cop on Georgia avenue, and ticket every jaywalker for a couple of weeks, i think the problem would cease and we could probably finance their paychecks with the fines from jaywalking and public intoxication..

  • i’ve noticed that the DC and MD laws about peds having the right of way in NON-LIGHTED crosswalks has sort of bastardized itself into some peds thinking they have the right of way all the time.

    although on the other hand i’ve nearly been clipped a few times in both DC and MD crosswalks where i had the right of way and the only way to not see me was if the driver wasn’t paying attention…

    however, blanket right of way for peds just opens the door to a cottage industry of getting hit by cars on purpose and suing. so that’s kinda dumb.

    • Isn’t that why you have car insurance?

      • Is car insurance a magic shield from a lawsuit for hitting someone? And my rates won’t go up afterward?

        • Getting hit be a car on purpose and suing is why the car owner has car insurance with personal liability coverage and probably an umbrella policy to extend the coverage… Your rates depend on your driving record and how often someone purposefully throws themselves in front of your car.

          • How do you ever prove someone got hit on purpose?

            I’m just saying that’s a lot of money to prove a point.

          • The insurance company does that…traffic accident engineer. I actually know one, they make a good living in litigious USA

      • Wow. No matter how stupid or jerky someone is acting, I would rather not run them over to prove a point.

  • It’s a sad situation that’s bound to get worse as intelligence levels drop across the city.

  • If they’re not in a crosswalk, I typically don’t slow down/stop until they think I’m going to hit them… usually they get a good scare.

    • … a dick.

      • Don’t you think that’s a little rude? I’m surprised this kind of crap gets through, when whatever I said at some point (???) has all my comments going through moderation.

        • Interesting that you’re more concerned with my words than you are about drivers who choose to put lives at risk.

          Sure it’s dumb to wander aimlessly in the middle of the street, but trying to scare people by using your car as a faux weapon isn’t cool or smart or educational. It’s, well, rude.

          • Not trying to be cool or smart or educational, so we’ve got that covered. Just trying to strike fear into the eyes of those that don’t think about aimlessly wandering into the street. I’m typically doing 25 mph (the speed limit) and getting within 6 feet of them, sometimes closer if they don’t react… I’ve done this to middle aged men in upper northwest who walk out of their house and cross the street without looking because they are space-cadets… they typically crap themselves, then wave in apology… b/c they are cool,smart,& educational and realize it was totally their fault.

          • Wrong. I’d argue that it has the potential to be quite educational. If you wander out in traffic without a care and then get hit, I’m fairly certain you won’t be trying it again.

          • .. but this comment pretty well reinforces 1:51.

            Hope you make it through life without killing a space cadet.

          • So I should start slamming on my brakes 25 feet away? I don’t know, if they know I’m there or not… it is a freaking road, which is where cars travel… it’s not like I’m driving down the sidewalk.

            I’m not a space-cadet killer, I’m a space-cadet lifeguard.

            Fill up that half-empty glass fella.

          • … that even your mom doesn’t like you.

          • Wow, you are an amazing individual. Bless your heart.

        • It’s the internet Silky Salamander, there are no rules… the irony, oh the irony.

          The kind of person that would post “you’re a dick” in defense of me having a little fun, is already dead to me, I wouldn’t get to worked up about it.

          • funny, because they are the ones telling you not to be rude and they are acting like a 2nd grader

    • It makes an effective point, but god help you if you actually hit one.

      • ah

        A horn makes the point nearly as well, especially to those not paying attention.

        So does having handy the immediate response of “No, go f- yourself, you c-sucking jaywalker”

        • A honk is what they want you to do, so they can flick you off, yelling out your window isn’t classy… I know, I know, neither is finding joy in vehicular fear factor.

    • i do that too

  • DC police should start ticketing. Tourists and teens.

  • Wrong. Some people only learn the hard way and could stand to be taught a lesson.

  • More curious to me is how people stand in the street, 2-3 feet out from the sidewalk, waiting for the walk light. As if the extra inches give some great time advantage? Sad to admit, but I do like to make them scurry back when I’m turning right. . .

    • Or my personal favorite, with your toes over the edge. Seriously, what are you thinking?

      It’s not like the lights aren’t 100% predictable. If you’re in that big of a hurry start 25 yards back and get a running start.

    • ah

      Why do taxis start a slow roll into the intersection about 10 seconds before the light turns green?

      • i’d love to have a taxi actually be in a hurry.

        my much larger complaint is the huge number of cab drives who start braking a block before a GREEN light in hopes that it turns red. it’s infuriating as a driver, and i’ve even experienced it as a fare.

      • Taxis are the bumble bees of the street. They float all over the place and you hope like hell they done get near you.

    • I don’t get this either. It’s so bizarre and just makes them look stupid.

  • I can guarantee you they do get out of the way. Honk and aim for them and watch the little fools scatter. Can’t beat em? Enjoy messing with them. I also put out vodka bottles full of water just to tease the bums.

    I’ve noticed if you do slow down a lot, then they try and stop your car and grab for the handles. I do not plan on being DCs Reginald Denny, thanks very much.

  • I’m legally driving my car in the road, the person J-walking is breaking the law. Sorry bud, I’m just having fun with the situation. Don’t be such an apologist…

  • Um, is it just me or is the poster (which I found more comically done than I think is intended) targeted at the wrong audience? I don’t think it’s mostly young, white mothers who are the ones that I nearly hit because they just don’t bother to even look to see if there’s traffic. There are a lot of groups who do it (not just the teenagers, though I loathe driving down 13th when Cardozo lets out because that’s just an accident waiting to happen).

    • Agreed. i stopped and stared at this for a full 5 minutes, couldn’t decide whether to laugh or be horrified.

    • Clearly you’re not driving around Capitol Hill much. Moms and strollers in the middle of the streets all the time. It’s astonishing really, that these people (b/c it’s dads too) are not only willing to risk their own safety, but that of their children.

      • Very True.

        Don’t eff with a member of “Mom’s on the Hill” though. They’re worse than the Zetas.

    • Amazingly, I have seen several mothers with kids walk right into the middle of traffic. They are the ones i hate most..(though they are usually hispanic, black, or lower class women) is it really worth putting your kids life at risk? I just want to choke them, at least other people are making the choice to risk being killed.. but the kid doesnt get the choice.

  • some stupid kids j-walk, and you choose to have “fun” by nearly running them over?

    you are either fully retarded or genuinely in need of some calming tea.

    • It’s a better lesson than actually getting hit by a distracted driver.

    • who said they’re always kids? Unless you mean those man-boys so common throughout the city?

    • It’s not just stupid kids, a lot of times its stupid adults too. I pay attention when I drive, I’m not going to hit them, so the way I see it, I’m doing them a favor… they chose to walk out in front of someone that’s not paying attention is the dangerous one.

  • Thank you for this post, I wonder the same thing every day.

  • I drive every day and I will be the first to admit this is usually the drivers’ fault.

    If you want proof, try to cross Sherman at Lamont. There are 2 giant yellow ‘Peds Have Right of Way’ signs in the middle of the street but no cars ever stop. Not for the elderly, not for children.

    In my experience, the problem with people crossing anywhere BUT in sidewalks is 95% teenage boys (or ‘man-boys’ as discussed above).

  • It is definately not just teenagers. I see adults do it all the time in CH (often times while yanking on their poor kids arm). I also seriously dislike the DC bikers. And not because I have to share the road. I hate them because they are worse than drivers with their aggressiveness! They blow through stop signs and red lights, ride the wrong way down one-way streets, on sidewalks, into on coming traffic to get around the cars in front of them, or ride in tandem so you can’t go around. I wish the cops would actually start ticketing bikers for these traffic infractions. I have seen tons of bikers almost hit pedestrians in crosswalks too.

    • me

      I walk down 14th Street to the gym, and there are bike lanes on the street going both ways. Yet every day, I see at least one person on a bike heading straight for me or about to run me over from behind on the sidewalk. All I can do is yell, “Bike lane! Right there!” While pointing to the street. Especially when there’s not a lot of traffic, that just REALLY pisses me off.

  • I had a close call yesterday with being in that cautionary image above, but it involved crossing on my walk light and a car making a right turn barely even slowing down to make a right turn in front of me. This is a common occurance and I always look while crossing regardless of what my legal rights may be.

    For every jaywalker there are exponentially more cars who disregard pedestrians in ALL circumstances.

  • Great post. I’m a driver, a cyclist and a pedestrian in this city. I get frustrated regularly by others in all of these ‘groups’ who break the law poorly. If peds are going to j-walk at a red walk signal, it would be nice if they looked. If cyclists are going to run a red light, the same. If drivers are going to break the speed limit, have some sense and don’t go 50 in a 25.

    If you’re going to break the law, at least do it with some consideration.

    I also love the poster. The intersection of Georgia and Princeton is my least favorite for this j-walking behavior. I have come close to unintentionally killing numerous fools who rapidly wander into Princeton at this crosswalk on a red (green for motorists).

  • It wouldn’t hurt DC to require all out of state driver’s license applicants to retake the written portion of the rules test. This goes double for “international” applicants.

    California makes you and you can only miss three questions.

    • maybe we should give pedestrians and bicyclists tests and licenses. so many points off and your not allowed to bike or walk

    • saf

      Don’t they? They did when I got here, but that was a long time ago.

  • I live a couple houses up from the Sherman/Lamont crossing and the frustration of assholes who pretend not to see the crosswalk and moving pedestrians, but choose to speed past gets to me every, single time I leave my house.

    That intersection is probably THE key reason that I’m so psyched about the Sherman streetscape project. Hooray for not getting mowed down by crappy drivers!

  • Next time you see bad driving, or the driver does someting that makes you want to scream at them, you will be correct to think that 90% of the time they are Maryland drivers. Fact.

  • One time near the E street cinema these ladies decided to cross in front of me, in the middle of the street. So I slowed down thinking they would move on. No, they decided to chat with someone else who was on the same sidewalk before they started walking. At this point I am fully stopped right under their ass, in the middle of the street. I honk, one turns around and said, what are you going to do? She is right, I was not about to run her over but I was so pissed I actually thought about it. Kicking her lazy ass wasn’t an option either since I am a male. I just sat there till they were done, like 30 more seconds and they moved on glaring at me.

    • those werent ladies… those were straight up bitches. i usually have a bottle of water or some sort of beverage in my vehicle, and you better believe that they would have had it splashed all over them as i finally got to drive away.

    • Just lay on the horn. The sound usually drives people away.

  • DC native here. Never owned a car. I’d encourage the angry drivers commenting here to try giving it up. I think you’ll be…. happier. Not even gonna mention the whole Oil/BP/Middle East/Terrorism/Pollution/Global Warming bits. Just do it to alleviate your anger.

    • Give up every modern convenience that is produced as the result of oil/energy…you silly naive idealist… turn off your computer, lights, ac, refrigerator, tv, microwave, and hot water (unless its NG)

      I’m not an angry driver, I’m a drown-proofing instructor on asphalt.

      • Ah. I was wondering who would be the first lame-o to come at me with the old “well then you should give up everything that uses gas or STFU”. Well thought out and classy too.

        • not that anyone cares, but almost none of the things mud just listed are powered by oil.

          • Right, they are all created by things that use energy/oil to be created… sorry, slower steps.

          • oil is important & ubiquitous? you’re a genius.

            though i’m not really sure you understand your own point. your response to 2:44 anon is a non-sequitur.

            not my argument though, so please carry on making little sense.

          • Look bud, the non-driving dc native introduced the angry driver-oil connection. You can chastise me for pointing out the foolishness of that all you want. But really the non-driving dc native’s argument is the non sequitur since the use of cars powered by gasoline is not the only use of oil. I was merely pointing that out. You clearly don’t understand that, since you are claiming I don’t understand items I mentioned were not powered by oil… but the reality is, you failed to draw the distinction between creation and use, so you really are making little sense.

            Captcha – bagdad current. Impressive

          • Anon points out an additional benefit of limiting automobile use, and your response is some nonsense about giving up “every modern convenience” in your life.

            I think you might be the dumbest person alive.

        • I said “silly naive idealist”, no mention of STFU, you put that in there because you feel bad for yourself, it’s a defense mechanism. Your the one who introduced the well thought out car/oil/bp/middle east/terrorism concept. What will you say if I have a battery operated vehicle?

          If you’ve never owned a car, how can any rational person listen to your recommendation about giving one up, that’d be foolish.

        • That’s the point, it’s not an additional benefit genius, because we use oil to produce most things, not just power and produce cars. Today, commerce cannot occur without oil, plain and simple. Life cannot exist without commerce. I’m sure in your government/NPO world it can, but in the real world, it can’t.

          Please explain (to the dumbest person ever) the additional benefit created by not driving and how Oil/BP/Middle East/Terrorism/Global Warming will be impacted directly.

          I’m sure you’re educated, but are still too stubborn to admit you are wrong and have defended an illogical statement. You will either not respond, call me a name, or claim I am too stupid to waste your time explaining.

          • Mud. My love. I’m well aware there are many uses for oil beyond your car. But this doesn’t change the fact that you use more of it driving yourself to and fro than we who get around on foot/bike/mass transit. Are you suggesting that if everyone stopped driving it would have no impact on oil consumption because oil has uses beyond automobiles? That’s silly. But thanks for bolstering my point about how angry a breed drivers are. Again. give it up for a week. Get some fresh air walking. read a book on the metro. You’ll find your mood will improve.

          • you want me to explain how less driving has a direct impact on global warming, etc? ohmygodkillmenow

            your problem is that you view this as a zero sum game. if i choose to drive less of course it doesn’t solve all of the world’s problems. it doesn’t render oil obsolete. and it certainly won’t lead to the capture of osama bin laden. but there are quite a few benefits associated with limiting automobile use which have been thoroughly explored by just about everyone including the IPCC, EIA, EPA, WHO, ULI, WRI, and pretty much every other acronym. WRI has a really good series of graphics that show how ghgs flow through our economy. transportation plays no small part (granted not all personal automobile use). Limiting auto use, however, has a direct impact on climate change. Limiting auto use has a direct impact on public health. Of course this doesn’t change the fact that oil largely powers our economy. Nobody said it doesn’t. You’re arguing a straw man.

            does this count as claiming that you are too stupid to waste my time explaining?

          • Anon – it’s not realistic for everyone to stop driving, why would I suggest that? Commerce requires transportation, fuel powers transportation. If everyone stopped driving gasoline powered automobiles, of course fuel consumption would drop, but would we find an alternative use for it as a result or would we expand the use of it because demand would decrease and prices would fall? Would the reduction of consumption lead to a less disastrous BP situation? No. Would it change the middle east? Maybe. Would it change terrorism? No. I’m not angry, when some jackass walks illegally in front of my moving vehicle, I scare them…that’s not anger, that’s anger management. You use a book on the metro, I currently use my vehicle. I’ve taken the bus for months, taken the metro for months… there are people in both of those situations that cause an equivalent stress as you interact. That’s the nature of people, that’s the nature of you and me. I’m not angry, we just don’t agree.

            *sigh* – of course what you really care about is climate change, the thing you used to call global warming, until it was no longer convenient or accurate. How much reading have you done regarding the shortfalls of \Climate Change\ as it has been presented to scare us. In the history of Earth, don’t you think it’s pretty ridiculous to suggest that since we have been tracking temperatures there is a discernible change in climate. In the beginning of the 20th century we were going to freeze to death, by the end of the century (when that didn’t happen) we are going to melt the icecaps and kill the polar bears. What has happened? Not to mention the drastic changes that have occurred over the various \Ages\… I know I’m some crazy ass person that is very skeptical of the greater forces in our society that have an ulterior motive to change our consumption habits.

          • maybe we should stop driving emergency vehicles too. you know the oil it uses is just ridiculous.. and if we cant get rid of the emergency response vehicles, then it is perfectly ok to walk out in front of one that has its lights and sirens blaring.

    • It doesn’t work, metro is just as infuriating.

      …and don’t get me started on cabbies.

      And if you want to see anger, talk to a bicyclist.

  • the worst ‘toes over the edge’ offenders stand on the north side of the Cathedral – Connecticut intersection. the sidewalk is a giant platform of zoo tourists swaying to and fro.. just trying to eat my passenger-side mirror.

  • there’s also the issue of jaywalkers on cell phones. almost as dangerous as drivers on cell phones. i’ve seen all types of different people (young, old, black, white, suits, hipsters) start to walk directly into a busy intersection while talking on their phone, which effectively blocks half their field of view.

    to echo a previous poster, all i can hope is that mr. darwin’s theory pans out.

  • I was legally crossing 14th street at newton WITH a double stroller. I looked both ways so thAt the cars could see me. As I’m nearing the curb, a man honks and shouts to me , “lady! You’re too old to be pulling that crap!” pulling what crap? Crossing legally?!?

  • Ditto the oblivious cell phone talkers, although I notice that really pretty girls are the worst offenders in that catergory. Then you have the “I dare you to hit me” saunter/glare jaywalkers. If you broke their leg with your car and they collected $35 grand it would probably be the best thing that ever happened to them, don’t think people who are really down and out don’t consider it.

  • If those walkers ever did that to me, I will gladly run them over.

  • In the Midwest I experienced the odd phenomenon of vehicles stopping at any intersection that has a pedestrian standing next to it, regardless of whether the pedestrian had the right of way or looked like they’re trying to cross at that moment. Of course, in large cities that system would never work, but DC has so many transplants that a lot of the pedestrians assume they can cross whenever and wherever they want and traffic will always stop for them. And it usually does since the drivers don’t have much of a choice.

  • I walk alot in this city with my dog, but I also do drive.

    TEXTING while walking across the street is also annoying.
    seriously…text OR walk across the street…pick ONE!!

  • How about we all follow the rules? Cars should stop for pedestrians in crosswalks and pedestrians should cross in the crosswalks. It’s as simple as that.

  • i’m more concerned that people are so uptight than i am about jaywalkers.

    personally, if someone walks out in front of me when i’m driving, i mostly stop for them.

    are they being rude? of course they are. mutherefffing asshole rude.

    but so what? just pay attention when you’re driving and slow the hell down.

    you’ll win that race baby. its okay.

    • when you have 8 people within two blocks blatantly jaywalking and walking out into traffic and it happens daily, it can be very frustrating. As a pedestrian, I will occasionally jaywalk, but only on streets that arent busy and don;t have cars rushing down them.

  • The worst jay-walkers?: 7th and Rhode Island, NW, near the 7-Eleven. My bus stop for the Eastbound G8 is right on the corner and I watch all of the traffic action and it is scary sometimes. I have witnessed at least 5 near-fatal jaywalking incidents–a few of which involved nonchalant males crossing against the lights, some on the phone, looking straight ahead, strolling along as cars approach at upwards of i dunno, 40mph or more along Rhode Island Avenue.

    Can you just look cool on the sidewalk, after safely getting across the street? I guess it isn’t ‘manly’ to obey crossing signals.

  • What about the walkers who cross in the middle of the block right after a car passes but in front of cyclists? Do they not realize that I’m going 20mph and can’t stop on a dime? It’s like frogger during rush hour around Gallery Place.

  • The ones that scare me are the African American men dressed all in black who dart out in front of me at night in the middle of the block on 14th street. Dude, I cannot see you. I don’t want to hit you; seriously, use the damn cross walk. Just b/c you have lived in the ‘hood since you were born that does not not make you F-ing bullet proof — or Jetta proof in this case.

  • Drives me up the wall – there are constantly people just wandering into traffic. It’s not that hard to cross legally, really, it’s not – I do it all the time. And I cross all “groups” as well – cyclist, driver, and pedestrian.

  • What you’re seeing is the result of 50+ years of entitlement culture.

  • True story from this weekend. I was driving on Brentwood Ave to go to Home Depot and just about to get to an intersection when a gentleman sauntered in the middle of the road forcing me to stop. He was only 30 feet from the traffic light. Then he strolled over to the intersection on the other side and stood there chatting with someone else. So why didn’t he use the crosswalk in the first place?

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