Dear PoP – List Some DC Schools/Groups that Need Supplies

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC, The Eaton school doesn’t necessarily need supplies, I just liked the photo.

“Dear PoP,

Its the time of the year when Schools in Fairfax and other surrounding counties are cleaning out their classrooms. I watch year after year as art teachers throw at useful supplies. I was wondering if we can generate a list of places they can donate to? Or if you have any ideas of places that would appreciate receiving these thrown out supplies so I can pass it on to teachers. Particularly places that are willing to come pick it up so the teachers don’t have to work around their busy schedules to drop it off. Also non profits that have pug mills so that dried out clay doesn’t end up in our landfills and can become someones art work.”

Just list some groups/schools, with addresses if possible, in the comments and the reader will arrange dropping off the supplies.

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  • Councilmembers (Kwame at least) often do school supply drives for DC schools, start with them. Or just call any nearby school and ask, its not like impoverished schools are hard to find in DC.

    And those of you, like me, who work in big buildings with big organizations, we probably have about a million bucks worth of old pens and paper in each of our buildings that can be donated. One of may favorite games is roaming my org to find lost supply caches and then absconding with them to Coolidge HS. Clean out those bottom drawers and file cabinets and hook a school up!

  • Why would DC schools need supplies? I never hear of FF Cty asking for supplies. With all the money we pay in taxes, where is the money going? Wouldn’t it be easier to resolve where the moeny is oging instead of asking me for more? Nowadays, schools are asking kids to bring in paper towels and toilet tissue. It just doesn’t make sense if you ask me.

    • Are you new in town?

    • those schools have more money per pupil, and they also have the benefit of more active PTA organizations. Our lowest performing schools, are the ones in our poorest neighborhoods, and those schools have to maintain crumbling old buildings. Maintaining a 50, 60, 100 yr old building that has just received piecemeal updates over the years is very costly.

      Are your taxes being wasted – absolutely. But there’s an ever bigger fish, what we do pay, isn’t enough to educate these kids. just enough to move the bulk of them along, as the gap widens year after year with their suburban counterparts.

  • You should contact Greater DC Cares or Hands On DC. They do a lot of projects in DC Public Schools.

  • This post is a little strange. The poster wants to donate used art supplies from Fairfax to poor DC schools? Doesn’t really make sense, why don’t they just keep it until next year.

    But, if folks here in PoPville really do want to donate supplies to local schools, I’m sure our local DC school teachers would be happy to have them. If you have pens (boxes, not just the half used on in your brief case), copy paper, art supplies, etc. contact H.D. Cooke (Adam’s Morgan), Harriet Tubman (Col. Heights), Strong John Thomson (Logan Circle). They are all public schools with a very high percentage of low-income kids. They are great schools with hard working teachers, but unlike schools in upper northwest, they cannot raise thousand of PTA dollars from parents, so every little bit helps.

  • For those of you wanting a painless way to help local schools, check out the school website for corporate tie ins. Harris Teeter gives a portion of purchases to local schools if you register your Harris Teeter card with the school’s number.

    Even if you have no kids in the school, why not register. The schools need money for field trips, supplies, books, everything. And, if you own a house here, your property value goes up as the quality of our schools improves, so you are helping yourself.

    • important point. i would just add, if you don’t have children – or perhaps even if you do – please don’t register for Eaton. it’s in one the most expensive zip codes in the country. the need isn’t great there. Please consider giving to the schools with the greatest need.

  • Giant, Harris Teeter, and Target all have school support funds. Free and painless, as Anonymous mentioned.

  • bigger question: Why are Fairfax schools throwing away perfectly good supplies? I don’t care how fat their budget; don’t they learn anything from the past? Save it for a rainy day, you buggers!

    I flippin’ hate waste.

    • I agree. I hate that they throw out their supplies and not use it. Actually I was the one that posted this. Because every year I am stopping teachers in fcps from throwing out perfectly useful supplies and convincing them to let me donate it. I am not in a position where I have supplies, but I get pissed when they start throwing things out, so I take them and donate them. I’ve decided this year to send out a place for them to donate to and give them choices, since they insist on getting rid of supplies. So they don’t go into a landfill and still get used by people who actually appreciate supplies .. (sorry for my poor sentence structures and repeatitiveness running off of two hours of sleep). I am also willing to drive to schools and pick these unwanted supplies up. I really don’t get why it happens, other than the school system is spoiled

  • Bruce Monroe at Parkview

  • Maybe Hinckley’s Pottery would take the clay? I can understand why that doesn’t last the summer.

  • Thomson has info on their website:

    to sign up for grocery store cards. If you would like to donate anything, you can email at thomsontigers at yahoo dot com and you will be connected with parents and teachers.

    Reams of paper are always greatly appreciated and there is even an Amazon wish list where you can select books for Thomson’s library and have them sent directly to the school.

  • Interesting you posted a picture of the John Eaton Elem School on this post. That school has just renovated their playground and some other stuff. I’m pretty sure the District could of used that money (nothing was wrong with the old playground from what I could tell) to fund school supplies for schools in other parts of the city that needed it.

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