Dear PoP – Is Chix Moving to 13th and U Streets, NW?

“Dear PoP,

Do you have any information about Chix moving to the corner of 13th and U? A sign went up the other day (next to the Georgetown Valet sign). Seems like a better use of that corner than just another dry cleaners. I’m assuming Chix is moving, not adding a second location, but figured you’d have the inside scoop!”

No, Chix is staying at 2019 11th Street, NW. I checked in with the owners and it turns out they simply saw an opportunity to advertise in an area with high foot traffic (13th and U). As far as I know the building being renovated at 13th and U Streets, NW will host Georgetown Valet and Boundless Yoga. I’ll be sure to update if/when more tenants are signed.

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  • This is actually disappointing; I had Chix was moving to a larger location. Since Chix became popular, it has not been served well by its cramped townhouse arrangement. It runs out of seating during peak hours and no longer appears to have sufficient grill capacity to keep up with demand at dinner. After a couple of experiences there when I either could not get a seat or could not get the dish I wanted, I found myself going back to Zorba’s in Dupont for chicken, although it is three times as far from my house as Chic.

  • Is G-town Valet moving 1.5 blocks or opening a second store?

  • Seems that the only viable business in an (high-density) area like U St apart from the bars/restaurants is either a work out joint or a dry cleaners. Sucks

  • Chix sucks at advertising.

  • I agree with Nikki. It was a lost opportunity for them to not include an address on the sign. How do people know where to go when they see the sign and are jonesing for some delicious chicken? Marketing 101 fail.

  • Yeah I got all excited when this went up a few weeks ago and when I called to confirm if they were moving and they told me it was just advertising all I could think of was really? And no address? or phone number? or website? Certainly causing more confusion than they wanted, I’m sure.

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