Dear PoP – Fro Yo Open in Columbia Heights Plaza

“Dear PoP,

If only every new place in the neighborhood had the same buildout
crew. Just walked by the ex-Ritas which, as of today, is already open
as a fully operational Fro Zen Yo.”

I’ve been really excited about getting Fro-yo in the Columbia Heights Plaza at 14th and Park, NW. It’s awesome that the turnaround was this quick. All I gotta say is enjoy!

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  • The Chinatown (F St NW) location is really making a killing. I don’t know what their margins are, but this particular model for yogurt seems to be very successful. I hope they continue to deo well.

  • There is one in Friendship Heights, connected to BooeyMonger. Its delicious! Who’d of thunk it… Columbia Heights and Friendship Heights have something in common. Good for US!!!

    Also went to Alegro last night, place was packed, food was great. DJ’s with dancing every Fri and Sat night after 11pm.

    Next up, Meridian Pint, Farmers Market and Z-Burger. Not to mention that the 20010 zip code is the most seached place in DC on

    Its been a long time in the making, a bit set back b/c of the recession, but the ball is rolling again. Its going to be a great summer in Columbia Heights.

    • I’m all choked up.
      I bought my house on 13th St. in 1980 with no expectation, let alone hope, that the area would improve, let alone (that phrase again) flourish.

      • Why would you buy a house somewhere that you viewed as significantly lacking, and that you did not expect to ever improve?

        • I was young and I was poor.
          People in my day didn’t feel the entitlement that young people today feel.
          We didn’t require the best of the best of the best.
          Spoiled brats!

    • About it being a great summer in CH – I agree to the extent that you’re talking about new restaurants and bars opening up. But if you talk to MPD, as we did last weekend after my husband was mugged at 8:45PM on Friday night walking home from Thaitanic with take-out, they’re pretty well convinced that it’s going to be a really shitty summer.

      I hope they’re wrong and you’re right.

      • eek! Where did he get mugged? What did the cops say specifically that make them think this summer will be worse? I agree that the neighborhood is getting better in terms of new places opening up, but there are still sooo many sketchy people living in CH, I wish they would either shape up or get the hell out (and move out to Maryland already). I think crime is still up because there more attractive targets moving to the area, or because the criminals are bitter and jealous about what they see as gentrification.

  • anybody know what their hours are yet?? want to stop by on my way home tonight!

  • Sorry, I’m the one that took the picture of the “Open” sign, and then didn’t bother to take any pictures of the inside or the hours – which may have been more helpful.

    The sign says that they are open until 11pm most days (I think midnight on one or both weekend nights) and the employee I spoke with said they should be open until 11:00 tonight.

  • OMG I know what I’m having for dinner tonight.

  • Also (formerly young and poor here again)
    I liked the house, although it was a wreck, and decided to have a better house in a bad area over a lesser property in a better area. Purely a personal choice.

  • Crime isn’t going away in CH any time soon unfortunately… there are still waaaay too many un(or under)employed, bitter, sketchy people that live there that either need to shape up or get the heck out (move to Maryland already!). Glad to see fun new stuff is opening up though!

  • I can’t wait to sit outside and enjoy a nice cold frozen yogurt covered in concrete dust and black tar sprinkles. Yum!

  • Stopped by this afternoon – YUM! The fro yo was delicious & the space really sleek. Loved variety of flavors. Staff was super friendly and helpful. A great addition to the neighborhood!!

  • I agree that there at still too many sketchy people hanging out Colubia Heights. I live in North CH on Holmead and the eyesore Cavalier Apts is replete with no-good doers. Thanks Jim Graham, keep our tax paying dollars to feed, house, and make strong our future felons. Right on!

  • I think freshii has the best fro yo out there. Vanilla chips and mango is what I get. 50 percent off on Fridays.

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