Dear PoP – Folks Behind Jin to Open a New Spot on H St, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending the word. The new place will be located at 1112 1110 H Street, NE. We talked about Jin, located at 2017 14th St, NW near Busboys & Poets, here. Not sure when the H St location will open but the reader sent in an old liquor application license which was posted in Nov. ’09:

It said:

“New restaurant featuring Asian cuisine and a summer garden with 25 seats. Request an entertainment endorsement to feature live bands, DJ, and Karaoke with no designated dance floor. Occupancy load of 99.”

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  • Great news! Should be a success considering JIN is a cool spot.

  • Amazing just how many places have opened or soon will on this stretch. How does this area support SO many restaurants / bars? Is it now a U Street / Adams Morgan like destination at this point, despite the lack of great transit options, just due to sheer volume? Because I don’t see the demographic mix of the immediate area sufficient to sustain SO many places, without a huge and regular influx of outsiders … the few times I’ve made it over I haven’t seen HUGE crowds of people wandering the streets, although Granville Moore’s, at least, is always packed.

    • new2ch- the places on H Street are generally packed with a lot of non-locals, who drive or cab or bus or shuttle over to H Street. I’d estimate that on the wknds, at least 80% of the folks in these places don’t live within walking distance.

    • @New2CH: Georgetown is farther from Metro that H Street NE, yet people seem to make it there just fine.

      Why? People will find a way to go where they know they can have a good time. The Atlas District provides a ton of options, with something for most anyone, so it’s not surprising people (even “non-locals”) make the trek.

      I can think of a good handful of bus routes that travese H St, and there’s a dedicated shuttle from Chinatown, so it’s pretty convenient.

  • Address should be 1110 H Street.
    Place is either called Chow or Tao.
    I think you may have covered it previously.

  • It seems like H St does well because a lot of the places offer something unique and/or high-quality, e.g. Sticky Rice, Granville, H St Country Club, the new beer garden place. So people make it over there even when it’s not the most conveinent option. I don’t think that strip would be doing so well if it were filled with generic bars like Wonderland or LGL.

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