Dear PoP – FIOS coming to Columbia Heights?

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“Dear PoP,

I live on the edge of Park View, in the 700 block of Park Rd, across from the 3D substation. I ran into a guy driving through the alleys checking things out, and he said he was a contractor for Verizon. He said that FIOS was probably coming to the area in a couple of months. Have you heard any developments about this?”

I’ve heard a few residents mention that they’ve heard the same thing as well. So for those that will have access will anyone switch over to FIOS? We discussed internet speeds here.

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  • Have had FIOS for two months at 13th and Randolph. Better and cheaper than Comcast. Miss a few channels that were basic on Camcast but are premium on FIOS–IFC, for example. Internet is 5x faster than Comcast was.

  • Verizon people were painting markings along the alley behind 700 block of Irving. I can only assume this is for FIOS.

  • 13th & Randolph for real? I’m at 13th & Spring and they say I can’t get it.

  • Not available on Crittenden & 8th yet. Can’t wait to get rid of Comcast.

  • According to Verizon’s local DC website, FiOS is definitely coming to Columbia Heights. They publicize where they’re working – as of April, they were as far south as GA/Quebec.

    click “FTTP Construction Locations” to see where they’re working.

    they advertise Columbia Heights as being one of the first neighborhoods to get FiOS (along with Barry Farms, Brightwood, Crestwood, Fort Stanton, Friendship Heights, Historic Anacostia, Petworth, Shepherd Park, Sheridan, Tenleytown, Van Ness and Woodley Park)

  • Are these overhead wires, or underground? My area is already a rats nest of crisscrossing telephone and cable TV wires, any idea who I’d contact about cleaning up the numerous dangling wire and such? Is there a single point of contact in the city that might handle such a thing?

  • On Friday I saw them underground in the alley between Parkwood and Perry behind the Panam on 14th… FWIW

  • I’d move to Columbia Heights for FIOS, anyone know if it’s coming up to the American University area? RCN’s internet service is quite possibly the worst I’ve ever seen in any area of the country I’ve lived…

    • They were installing it on Yuma last year, would have thought it’d be available by now.

  • I switched to Verizon Fios from Comcast and it was one of the worst consumer choices I’ve ever made. It was a nightmare dealing with customer service. In fact they are still sending me bills for service that I disconnected two years ago! Don’t go with Fios, people.

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