Dear PoP – Deli Coming to 12th and S?

“Dear PoP,

I saw this sign posted on the long-empty building on the northwest corner of 12th and S. I just realized you can’t read the small type on the sign, but basically the hearing will be about changing this from a grocery store to a deli/prepared food shop. Could be good news for south of U St.!”

Nice, this could be great news! I promise to update as more info becomes available.

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  • This storefront has been vacant for at least the eight years we have lived around the corner; it will be interesting to see it occupied. I always envisioned the storefront as a more likely spot for artists’ lofts or an antique or repair business than a deli. The block has little foot traffic other than kids going to Garrison School across the street and people walking their dogs. Plus, the neighborhood already seems well served by food purveyors/delis of the upscale (Cork Market); mid-market (Aroma on U, which always seems to be deserted) and downscale (Whitelaw Market) varieties.

  • I was just commenting to my wife this weekend that the Problem with Aroma is their marketing is out of wack with the hipness of U Street. This is sad to say, cause they have great sandwhiches and bakalava. But if the Pizza place and new empinada place at 14th & U can do well on the 1300 Blk of 14th, with a hip vibe, then they should too. People go to U street now for the cool factor and the paper menu on Aroma’s wall just doesn’t cut it for enough folks I guess.

    Hope this place on 12th and S can make a go of it!

  • Oh, I misread the sign when I walked by. I thought it was going to be a grocery store/deli. What we really need in the neighborhood is place to buy provisions at, sorta like the latino market that used to be where Cork was. It was a great place to get milk or onions quickly near where I live. Like OTBerbur said, I don’t know how well this place will do. There isn’t much foot traffic unless they are planning on selling their products to the kids at the elementary school across the street.

  • I walk by this place on my way home and they’ve been doing renovations in there for the past few months. A deli would be amazing. I will personally keep them in business-especially if they sell bagels.

  • Whatever business opens, I don’t think they can sell beer or wine because they are across the street from an elementary school – maybe this is why it was vacant for so long? I’d love to have a nice market to run to when I run out of something. All we have now is the horrible 10th St. Market at 10th & S. IF the owner would sink some money into the place, it would do quite well.

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