Dear PoP – Construction finishing up at Washington Hilton

“Dear PoP,

I’ve been watching this construction project out of my office window for more than two years. The original plan was to build a condo building in the area that is now covered in grass but it was scrapped after, I’ve heard, the developers didn’t get financing. So now there’s a big elevated garden. I’m not sure what’s underneath it. It looks nice but there aren’t even any paths on it so you can only look at it.

Then there’s a lawn that is going to be used for outdoor tai chi and yoga classes associated with the health + swim club that opens June 1. I’m psyched about that since I’m a swimmer.”

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  • My guess is construction will resume at somepoint. They already have the approvals and plans and location doesn’t get any better than that. In other words not scrapped but stalled.

  • I’m in the same office building! It’s my understanding that they scrapped the other plans and built a ballroom with a greenroof.

  • I don’t think they are planning on putting a condo building there.

    I’ve actually toured the new construction. It’s a HUGE ballroom and convention pace under there. The roof is going to be opened as outdoor patio space for the bar and restaurant on that level.

  • I work in the same complex. Go back to work! Wait. I’m glad construction is finished, but sad that I’m actually in the other building that doesn’t face the pool. Hear there’s a great view. Sigh.

  • The condo doesnt have anything to do with the ballroom. The Condos will surround it. The greenroof would be the courtyard between the hotel and condo building. I don’t see why they would scrap it. You can see they put no windows or doors from the ballroom to the lush green lawn. Certainly they would have if they didnt plan to still construct the condos at somepoint. Likewise the Wardman Marriot has plans for approved condos on their land going back 5 years now but they have yet to break ground.

  • You all work at the Hinckley Hilton? Get back to work, my room service is getting cold!

  • Didn’t there used to be tennis courts there?

  • Yea, the new pool is where the tennis courts used to be and the tip of the green roof garden is where the old pool used to be. There was a reception last night to open the plaza between the building and the roof/garden. It looks like it could be a really nice place to hang out. I wonder what the restuarant/bar deal is – i.e. can you order drinks and such out there? I think that Anon 4:29 is right – the new bulding is just stalled. The respite from the construction sure is nice though.

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