Dear PoP – Any Bingo Halls in DC?

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“Dear PoP,

Are there any active bingo halls in DC? I’ve lived in Mt. Pleasant for over two years now and I can’t recall seeing any in the district. My girlfriend and I are both from rural towns where Bingo is a popular social gathering and we’d love to play somewhere if it exists.”

This is a great question! If one doesn’t exist I’d be happy to work with a local bar to set up a regular PoP bingo game. Does anyone know of one that exists in DC? If not, any suggestions of where (neighborhood/bar) might be a good spot to set up a game?

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  • It’s not in DC, but there’s a bingo hall in Laurel, MD. Don’t know of any others.

  • The only bingo I know of in the district is Nellie’s Drag Bingo on Tuesday nights. It’s a lot of fun, and the prizes are pretty sweet. Not your run-of-the-mill rural bingo night, though…

  • Bingo Brunch at pharmacy bar.

  • Nellie’s bingo is great fun! Everyone in the audience gets made fun of and laughs. Like er said, the prizes are pretty good, too! Nellie’s is at 900 U St.

  • PoP bingo is a great idea, you should do it!

  • You in dominoes country here!!!

  • Bingo has died out here because the District’s degenerative gamblers moved on to scratch-offs and lotto. Mostly out of laziness.

  • Thanks for publishing my question, PoP!

    I feel like the Red Derby would be a great bar for bingo… maybe it’s all the games they have lying around but it seems like a good fit.

  • Agreed…Red Derby would be a great spot for bingo! Since bingo halls are usually total dives to begin with, Derby is a natural place to host. I bet they’d agree to it! Maybe even hand out 6 packs of pabst cans as prizes 😉

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