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  • best news ever!!! maybe the indie kids that use it and the gays at nellie’s next door can scream obscenities at each other.

  • Funny you should mention Nellie’s…I heard there is going to be a gangway connecting the two bars and the whole thing is going to be called the Justin Bieber Lido Deck.

  • I noticed something was up when I was here on Sunday afternoon. The stairs to the upper level or an a different side now, and there is some construction going on inside. I didn’t know there were going roof deck. that is awesome!

  • oh, just when i thought i had maxed out my dc9 love. killer.

  • About time – I’m fairly certain they’ve been planning this for years. I remember (I think) the permit being in the window in 2006-7 and we asked the bouncer about it.

  • The head chef here is a tremendous dick. The food sucks and its about as hip as testicle cancer.

  • Aren’t Rock N Roll and DC9 owned by the same person?

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