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  • not energy efficient, granted, but i’m sure this is a safety/security measure.

  • With the CVS leaving the ontario theater I really thought that somebody would rehab it and do something cool with the space. Small venue? Large restaurant? The possibilities are endless. With its proximity to 18th street yet not part of the liquor moratorium… seems like a no brainer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • yea i really hope they turn this into some sort of performance venue or movie theather(s) to feed the restaurants and nightlife of adams morgan

  • How can you blame them? Once the bars are closed and the crowds are gone, Adams Morgan isn’t the safest place in the world.

  • turn it to an arlington draft cinema house like experience! food, beer, movies!

  • I would also love to see some kind of venue… movie or small stage, etc. Ideally, it wouldn’t be “just another Adams Morgan bar.”

  • it actually abuts a really big property next door that’s been vacant for quite a while now (columbia road discount center). if you combined the two, you could fit a bowling alley or roller rink in there. or paintball. or laser tag. or a movie theater. or a huge conveyer belt sushi place. or a fair sized live music venue.


    • The original Ontario Theater [Where the Clash once played: http://wtop.com/?sid=1018175&nid=226&pid=4 ] incorporated both the closed CVS space and the now also closed ‘Discount Center’ space. I imagine the rent is sky-high and the owners are probably waiting for a condo developer to tear down half the block for a larger building once the economy gets back in gear.

      • Where the Talking Heads, B52s, Cramps, Clash and Magazine, among others played. It should be restored to it’s original purpose: kung-fu action theater by day, rock venue by night.

  • Medical marijuana shop

  • saf

    I loved that theater. These pictures make me sad.

  • some basic lights are required for safety. Mostly so if the police are chasing someone they can’t run in and hide in the dark. However -they don’t need ALL of those lights on. They are hallogens though and use minimal electricity.

  • It was a 24 hour CVS right? Clearly they didnt put in a light switch because they didnt need one!

  • I live right by this place and have been annoyed by the lights for awhile. Walking home yesterday however it looks like there has finally been some movement- all of the trash inside was collected and there were less lights on than before. I would LOVE to see something new come into this part of the block as there are now 1, 2, 3 empty store fronts in a row.

  • The lights on inside the store have no effect on safety in the street. The landlord wants fifteen grand a month for the whole place, and it needs major renovation. All the movie theater seats and furnishings were removed years ago. The moratorium does not come up Columbia Road as far as the old theater, but the restauranteur will still have to get a license and go through the community vetting process. The landlord will not reduce the rent. Seems like ain impossible situation unless someone with a lot of disposable income comes along and sees the possibilities.

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