Coming Soon to Downtown – Galileo III and Crumbs Bake Shop

Galileo III will be located at 600 14th St. NW (in the old Butterfield 9 space). Crumbs Bake shop will be located on 11 Street, NW just north of F St. right next to the Pret a Manger which is also coming soon.

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  • I work in the same building as the proposed Galileo III, and it should be noted that the “Coming Soon” sign has been there for about a year now. I really wonder if it is ever going to open.

  • Crumbs is awesome, they are everywhere in NYC

  • There is also a Crumbs sign in Union Station, right next to the Au Bon Pain. Wonder what’s up with that?

  • the latest I heard on Galileo is June but June is not far away. this was in the latest Downtown BID update newsletter. Butterfield 9 used to be in this space.

    also, the same newsletter said Tynan Coffee and Tea are “scouting for a [Downtown DC] BID-based site.”

  • It’s nice to see that the speed of Galileo III’s opening is just as good as the (horrendously bad) service at Roberto Donna’s last restaurant, Bebo Trattoria.

    I don’t care how well Donna cooks (and don’t get me wrong, the food at Bebo was great), I won’t go to another one of his restaurants until I’ve heard several reports in a row that he’s started to take an interest in the front of the house. Appallingly bad service, over and over again is a turn-off for me, doubly so when you go to the manager and explain your concerns and his response is to shrug and walk away.

    If Donna doesn’t learn to fix these problems (and they existed at the old Galileo too, if not as blatantly) then third time will not be the charm.

    • They were just as blatant at the 21st St location. If you were known to the staff or deemed important you were treated like royalty. If you were just somebody looking for a good meal with cash to spend your were ignored or worse. This same staff and M.O. followed him to Bebo with predictable results for a lower end operation. I really like chef Donna’s cooking, and think his talent is among the top in the region, but his loyalty to the front of the house is troubling. Sounds like he can’t muster the strength to do what he needs to do: clean house. If it follows him to Galileo III the pattern will repeat. But if he does his pork sandwich take out special I honestly won’t care! I’ll fork over my $6 for the best take out sandwich in the city in my shorts and t-shirt but won’t drop in with bigger wads of cash to be sneered at by a waiter. Roberto deserves better.

  • Yet another example of a restaurant with excellent food but poor management. I’ve enjoyed Galileo before, but one lousy experience at Bebo was enough to sour me on Donna’s restaurants. I will give the new shop a try but I don’t have high expectations for the service.

  • Chef Donna has pleaded guilty to embezzlement. I wonder if the restaurant is going to open at all now.

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