Bonus Good Deal or Not – Truxton Circle (Owner Request)

This home is located at 67 N St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Gorgeous High-end renovation mixes old and new. Dark floors, high ceilings, 2 fireplaces, exposed brick. Parking, zen patio. In-law suite rents easily for 800/month. Huge master suite with double showers, walk-in closet with Bosch laundry. True chef’s kitchen with professional appliances, double-thick honed granite, custom french base cabinetry. Truly thoughtful design with high end finishes including Bisazza tile throughout, honed slate, Flos & Kovacs lighting, floor-to ceiling Andersen glass doors, Dornbracht and Duravit fixtures. New roof. A mix of modern minimalism while attempting to keep the charm of a 100-year old Victorian.”

You can find more info here and more photos here.

The owner writes:

“We bought it at the peak of the market and are actually listing it at a slight loss, so I think it’s a really good deal especially for design types who like open floorplans and emphasis on a nice kitchen. Open House is on Sunday (May 16) from 1-5pm”

What do you guys think – does $565,000 sound reasonable?

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  • There should be a law against realtors naming neighborhoods. I can’t even believe this one managed to catch on. And how did google maps even fall for it? Did the realtors have an email campaign to the folks at google maps?

    • Truxton Circle is the traffic circle in this neighborhood that got bulldozed about 2 generations ago.

      • Well aware. Thats what the realtors based the made up neighborhood name on. the traffic circle that no longer exists. Why? to brand it for gentirification. The fact that there once was a circle there doesn’t make it any less ridiculous.

        • unfortunately, you’re mistaken. the neighborhood has been known by many names, and certainly there isn’t 100% agreement on what it should be called today, but over at, mari has found information that the post office in the area was called truxton circle post office years back, and many used that name for the neighborhood.

          it is not a recent invention.

          • there may be scraps of justification, but the term “Truxton Circle” to label that area is 100% about branding with the hopes of economic revitalization.

          • since i can’t reply to the anonymous person below me, i just have to make clear—if there are even “scraps” of justification for the name, then it can’t possibly be “100% about branding”. maybe it’s 75%, i don’t know and i honestly can’t, but you’re being self-contradictory to say it can be somewhat justified and then say it absolutely isn’t in the same sentence…

    • It is pretty ridiculous that the neighborhood takes its name from a traffic circle that has been gone for more than half a century. There was an article about this a number of years ago in one of the local papers, and it mentioned that even when the circle was there, nobody called the neighborhood Truxton Circle. Might as well call it Arctic Circle.

  • I’ve been looking in that neighborhood. THere is a lot of price variability and good renovations are usually insanely ( and ridiculously) high (e.g., the one on 200 block of P for 750 lol). THere was one a block or so away on P that went mid-sixes, not as nice and no yard and 2 on Seaton in the last 2 weeks both went for 550s on the first day. But one on that same block went for 500 or so like a month ago…I’ll have to go see if this is a lot better. That one didnt have a basement and was nice but too nice, a lot of original period detail. Love the painting in the living room.

  • I think the interior design is really really cool. For DC prices it’s a good amount of house for the money. Just the location I’m not sure of. The area around FLA and NCap is about as dreary as it gets. I think it’s a little better down here, but I’m unfamiliar with it.

    Did they renovate after buying or did they buy it like this?

    • As dreary as it gets!? Get more dramatic. The constant eckington/bloomingdale bashing is just getting old.

    • Fla and North Cap IS dreary, but if you get off the main drags and into the residential part of the neighborhood there are some seriously beautiful blocks. There’s a wide variety of house styles and many unusual styles. I like it a lot.

  • Seems reasonable for that size and location. The renovation looks good to me.

  • That is a beautiful renovation. Kudos to the owners. Obviously not a flipper special. No idea about the price, or location, but I really like the design.

  • I too have been looking in this area. This seems like a nice house, but above my price range. By comparison, a newly renovated 1100 sq ft 2bd/2.5ba on a corner lot at 1st and P sold for $455 (offered at $465) within a few days last month.
    The 67 N Street house seems nicer, and if it was renovated for owner-occupation then it might have been a higher quality renovation than the 1st and P spot, which was flipped. On the other hand, 1st and P is closer to Bloomingdale than 1st and N.

    There’s also a huge new construction condo at 1st and N with a $650 asking price. I really wonder what’s up with that.

    And 1st and N is getting close to what I believe are large projects (Sursum Corda?) at N Capitol and New York Ave.

    • Sursum and all those section 8 buildings are slated for re-development — they’re going away and the land is being used to build mixed income housing.

      1st and P, and 1st and N are comparable locations. 1st and N is actually closer to City Vista, Yale Steam Laundry, etc, as well as the NoMa development that’s going to take place in coming years. Round here, price increases as you get closer to City Vista, but otherwise the prices are generally comparable to Bloomingdale, Ledroit.

      The 2 bedroom with one less floor that went for $455 is kind of a apples vs. oranges here, although it is a positive sign for real estate prices in Truxton.

      $565,00 is a price that will move this home fast.

  • Pet peeve: name-dropping fixture manufacturers (or re-sellers) in RE listings. There is nothing more pretentious. I do love that they kept a lot of the original detail of that house, though. With the design aesthetic in play they could have gone uber-modern and ruined it. I’m slightly iffy on the final price only because the usable outdoor space isn’t described well. If that little deck is all you get than I think no deal.

    Oh, and the industrial power spray attachment on that normal sized kitchen sink is ridiculous. Those things are meant for restaurant kitchen prep and dishwasher sinks, e.g. giant wash basins. Should have just gone with a nice retractable faucet head for the same reach to keep the clutter down (see pretentiousness comment above).

    “the Swedish” – Captcha agrees maybe they should have just saved everybody money and gone Ikea on the reno 😉

    • Seems like a very reasonable price.
      I am not a huge fan of the stair case “reno” they stripped the great woodwork (was it salvageable?).
      Am I the only one that thinks the sink on the table in the kitchen is very strange?
      Overall I like it – I really like the neighborhood east of the NY Ave Metro – with the condo/office infill west of the Metro I don’t know how much I’d like it but its a really great condo alternative with income potential.

    • Lack of real outdoor space says enough. At that price point in that area, I expect at least a nice garden.

      • I’m the owner. There is a narrow yard/ garden, maybe 25 by 6, beyond the patio. Not a nice garden but it could be! Also a small front yard where I grew herbs.

  • Seriously? How are you all liking this? The kitchen is Ikea. This is not a high end renovation. Basically it is low cost cosmetic fixes in a crappy neighborhood. Why would you spend that amount on a tiny house in that location? There is nothing exciting around that area except crime. You all are nuts. Bad deal.

    • Ikea’s kitchens my be inexpensive, but they are not “cheap”. I spent a lot of time looking at kitchen cabinets and if you can’t afford customs built, Ikea is probably the way to go. And, design wise, I’ll take Ikea over the Home Depot/Flipper crap any day.

  • Used to rent in this neighborhood (Kirby St), back when it was much worse… It blows my mind that $565 for this area is now reasonable.

    No idea about the house (renovation looks nice), but the upside of the neighborhood is proximity to transportation: 395 entrance on NY Ave takes you right out of the city. I moved just after the NY Ave metro opened, so didn’t get to enjoy it, but it is closer than Mt Vernon Sq, which I used.

    I would have killed to have the new Safeway nearby. When I lived there it was a parking lot, and we had to walk to the lousy Giant on 7th.

    When are they tearing the housing projects down?

  • I live in Shaw (or sometimes referred to as West Truxton by people that wear argyle and golf). I would love nothing more than for some shmuck to buy this house near that asking price. If this gets more than $510k I’ll be surprised. Personally, I would not offer more than $500,000

  • using the word UBER, get a life guy LMAO!!!!

  • I wonder how many of these posts are by the owner? No way is this a good deal. Owners that post on multiple times under different names will never change the fact that this is simply a bad location and the house is merely average.

    • Just to be clear, if you do a MLS search, you’ll find a house like this (4 bedroom, 2nd kitchen w/ income suite, 3 floors, etc) goes for about this much in this neighborhood.

      If you’re too lazy to take 5 seconds to search previous sales data, you probably shouldn’t be posting. Leave the discussion to the adults.

      Sorry, just particularly annoyed at the ignorance of this person.

  • This looks to be a very small house.
    Questionable neighborhood.
    Not a good deal at all.
    Bad idea to cut the house in half by putting the kitchen in the middle.

  • Yeah. I woouldnt really call this high end. Its just well staged. As someone noted that really IS an ikea kitchen. Not worth the price at all. On another note. Poor Brass Knob. They got gentrified out of Adams Morgan and now they will prob have to leave their “truxton circle” digs. Off to anacostia I guess.

  • I gotta admit, 565k is kind of high…but I’m rooting for them since I am doing a renovation 3 blocks away that will look better than that 😉

    overall: dont sleep in truxton/east shaw/south bloomingdale. the [red line + green line] metro is closer to there than most of bloomingdale and ledroit park. the massive amount of development just across north capitol to the south is staggering esp. in this market. and you get all the amenities of bloomingdale and mt. vernon without the hype! buy now [if you’re in the hunt] or regret later. is the last downtown/NW area left…and its not cheap on the other side of N. Cap anymore either.

    • no. Sleep on it. that area is on the rise but it’s a really slooow rise. everyone knows the best areas to invest right now is h st.

      • You cant get into anything decent on H Street for less than $500,000… even trashed fixer uppers are 400+, so the upward potential is somewhat limited.

        There are a lot of bars and restaurants, but the area is dicey as hell. There are a ton of vacant storefronts. Also, there arent many public transportation options already built so if the street car system falls victim to politics or the economy, there is the possibility than the whole thing will fall apart.

        I’m not smart enough to tell you which of the 2 areas is the best investment … but I don’t see it as cut and dry as H Street being the “best” area.

  • Love how they dropped the brand name of fixtures then chose to ignore the fact that this is an IKEA KITCHEN FOR GOD’S SAKE! If you are going to be pretentious in your listing, don’t have an IKEA kitchen. That just makes you pretentious, hypocritical, and delusional. My guess: $495K

  • I think it’s over-renovated. Too many high end (or high end wannabe) things stuffed into too small a space – the end result just emphasizes that it’s a cute little house, though it’s priced as if it were much grander. I am with the under $500-ers.

  • If you go to the ridiculous euro cabinetry places and they all basically look like IKEA. Not saying it’s not but IKEA rips off the high end european styles. Theyre probably talking about the appliances, that oven alone is like 7k. Whatever, not my style but for a 2400 square foot house that’s renovated and move in ready, it’s a good deal compared to what’s out there. And trust me, there’s not a lot of houses for sale right now. I agree with the poster above, what’s that sink on the little table in the kitchen???

  • I live in the neighborhood and this price is maybe about $15k to high. The house down the street (23 N) sold for $475k within the past month, has fewer bedrooms and no in-law suite. The rental should add about $75k in value. The renovations were both ‘nice’ but I can’t speak to the precise quality of one vs. the other.

    It’s still a bit of a high price point to actually get sold quickly in the ‘hood, but not too far off. No impact at all here from the subsidized housing across NY Ave or at Sursum Corda….

  • Man, GDON brings some shitfire anger out of people. Telling a dinner guest the brand of fixtures is pretentious. Putting them in a real estate ad is garden variety advertising/salesmanship. A few commenters called it “small” — is a 2400 sq ft 4BR/3.5BA house small?

    My open questions are where are the pics of the other 2 BRs and the other bathroom? Did they not renovate them or are they really tiny or what? Also whether there’s closet space as a lot of these old houses have none.

    Cliff basically said it, the nice houses in this zip code are selling near 600 after one or 2 open houses. Assuming the other unseen rooms are as nice as these, I think it should get nabbed pretty quickly. Also, am I crazy for drooling over that kitchen? I dont know shit about cabinets but refrigerators like that are what, 10k? Of all the things to make fun of….

    • 10k for that refrigerator? You’re nuts. You’re the same person that will buy any piece of crap as long as it is shiny. If that refrigerator is worth 10K, this house may be worth $565K. But if you believe that, I’ve have a shiny nickel I’ll sell you for $50.

      • Actually he’s probably a little high but a built-in Monogram refrigerator is now almost 9k. They dont even advertise their price. That one looks like a Monogram or a Viking which is about the same or possibly up to 10k. A subzero as well. The bigger question is why you’re so worked up about it. Did the owner of this house steal your girlfriend or something?

    • I agree with you about the anger, Max. I can see disagreeing with the price or how some of the features are described, but the outright hostility in these comments is ridiculous. It’s like the owners killed their dog or something.

      Captcha: comes ammo
      Do Not Want

  • I don’t see this place selling for above $500K. But, I hope (for the sellers) that the market proves me wrong!

  • I was ready to bash the hell out of the place but well I like it.

    1. Rent out the basement to cover some of the cost. Does it have a COA? I doubt as much because they call it an inlaw hole. Do many rentals in dc have one …no.

    2. I like the brick and the hallway fireplace adds to the charm.

    3. What the hell is that extra sink in the kitchen?

  • I’m a neighbor of the property. I think 1st & N NW is way better than 1st & P or anything north of Florida Ave. We’re two blocks from the Safeway, Taylor’s Deli, and a Sushi Joint, plus the Gold’s Gym. Three lights and you’re in the 3rd street tunnel driving lickty-split to Potomac Yards. We’re also two blocks to the east of the Metro. branch trail. If you want to rent out the house, tell the college kids, we’re one block from Club Fur or Ibiza. Oh, yeah…. We got Five Guys, the Au bon pain bakery, and Pot Belly coming. OH, Snap! I forgot the Harris Teeter’s at 1st and M st NE opening in six months! Bloomingdale and Eckington hafta come to us (Truxton Circle or North of Mass [NOMA]). Sursum Corda doesn’t give us any trouble. Given that location, location, and location are the three most important words in real estate, I think 565K is probably justified. (Speaking of which, starting next year 5000 Dept of Justice employees move into all the office buildings next to the metro.) Hello, Intern and entry level DOJ employee renters!!!!

  • Good deal I dont know, reasonable deal absolutely. A lot of the commenters obviously are not in the market. Much worse has sold for more blocks from here. Looking at the photos I thought they priced it to sell. I’m befuddled by the comments that it looks small….it’s 2400 square feet for christ sake.
    captcha: largepayload teutonia

  • I think this house will get its asking price.

    Directed at those saying this house is a horrible deal: News flash, DC real estate is STILL very expensive. You just don’t see many rowhouses going for under 450k in NW. I have lived in Truxton and can attest that the neighborhood has come a long way. Good luck to the owners.

  • I went by yesterday. Very nice, large-ish, open, amazing kitchen and bathrooms (I noticed the cabinet boxes had dovetail joints for those of you having aneurisms over the ikea issue). I thought is was actually a very “original” house, lots of really different things like the little bar sink in the kitchen, the cool brick oven for the tv, the adorable little powder room. The owner should do something to “stage” the back yard as it’s kind of weed-y. THere also was a roof-deck that they took down a few years ago, but the stairs are still there. Overall I’d say it was not unreasonable to call it “high end” and I actually thought it would be priced a lot higher than that. It’s a lot nicer and bigger then the others I’ve looked at in Bloomingdale for the same price (which sold quickly).

  • i haven’t seen the house, but can comment on the neighborhood. yes. it can be sketchy. yes, there is crime. if these things are your biggest concern, this is not the neighborhood for you.

    but its not as bad as many of you imagine.
    someone said its 2 blocks to city vista. its actually 5 blocks. and one block has very narrow sidewalks. but its an easy walk.

    the new library nearby is very nice. the slated development nearby is a huge boon. the park across the street is great. n street is the worst part of north capitol, but first street is very nice. i walk it at all hours of the day and night and have never even felt tense.

    if jamal ever sees profit in north capitol street, then that will be a gigantic turnaround for any bad thoughts for the area. he owns lots of properties there and has been sitting on them. ( the peoples building was his, and the only place he fixed up). he owns the big lot at north capitol and new york. when that gets built on, that will be the business part of the neighborhood. but it could be 15 years.

    NoMa, despite the slams on the name, is the fastest growing neighborhood in the city.

    truxton gets a bad name for its location and crime and obvious lack of a circle, but most that live here, especially now, not 10 years ago, know how great it is.

  • I could be wrong, but it looks like there is no outer railing for the stairway. I don’t believe that is up to code. Of couse that wouldn’t change the price of a home much, but as a buyer it would make me wonder what else was not done up to code.

    The house isn’t my style, but is nice.

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