A Reasonable Request

A friend of mine found this sign posted in a Logan Circle liquor store. In a similar vein no guns are allowed at the old stone house in Georgetown. Both seem like reasonable requests…

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  • I think some would argue that the first request is not so reasonable. After all, that’s what’s getting the French is all that hot water over veils for Muslim women.

    captcha: enrages Genevieve

    • ah

      Absent the picture, I’m not sure a muslim woman would even think that the veils etc. constituted a hood or a mask.

  • Can we hang ” Please stop robbing people” on just about everything in the city?

  • The no dog poop signs all over town have definitely cut down on the amount of dog poop.

  • Scary images. Not exactly Red Riding Hood any more.

    My cousin had a knife in his pocket when we tried to walk into the old Post Office downtown. There is a metal detector. Since this was after 9-11, I was really shocked….. but people in different parts of the country (and people who don’t travel by plane) might use knives for peaceful purposes.

    • When I first came to DC 20 years ago I was a pure country boy and frankly it took me a while to realize that belt knives and such weren’t in vogue here. I had a cool and wicked looking antique lock blade knife that I generally used to clean my fingernails and eat apples with, but I put that away as it scared the lady folk.

      (no I did not have a giant belt buckle)

    • saf

      I used to always carry my swiss army knife. What if I found myself without a corkscrew?

      I hate that I have to leave it hme now.

    • haha. i’ve accidentally left a knife in my pocket many times going to the old post office pavilion.

      most places are fairly decent about letting you get it back when you leave.

  • As others have said, I think there are many devout Muslims and NRA members that would disagree with you.

    • We can put up “Please stop blowing things up” signs and might be able cover both groups.

      I kid, I kid….

  • good for them… why would any store, or public place for that matter, allow you to come in anonymously? they should go ahead and add hats and sunglasses to the sign as well and get the rest of their bases covered.

    • I always thought a credit cards swiper at the door a la a bank would be an effective tool.

      Probably violates some civil rights ordinance though.

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