Why is this one Taller than all Others


In the spirit of Passover… Dang, I don’t have the exact address for Brian but I promise to do better on unusual homes like this in the future. I believe it is from 4th street or near M Street or a bit further north. At any rate, does anyone know why the last house is taller than the others? It doesn’t seem to be a pop up. Perhaps the originally developer built it for his family? Any guesses?

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  • I’m answering from Barcelona btw. The Internet is pretty amazing 😉 I live just about a block and a half away from this row on a different street, but I can tell you that his house is 1603 5th St NW between Q and Warner. According to records online, 1603 was built in 1900, and 1605 and the adjacent homes to its north were built in 1915. No builder is listed for these properties, but it is safe to assume that the builders were not the same. The size difference between the end house and the other ones is undoubtedly linked to what the builder in 1915 had as budget and size needs. So it’s not the end house that is out of scale. It was there first.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Thanks Len. That’s great info. And even cooler coming from Barcelona!

    • I don’t have my database (of historical information on buildings) handy, but my eyeballs tell me these were probably built around the early 1870s. The city’s online records are currently dubious in this regard.

  • lordscarlet

    My understanding is that end units were often built larger and more extravagant.

  • It isn’t a pop up and it’s on 5th St between Q and R. One reason why it could be taller is that it was probably built by a different builder than the adjoining houses.

  • I’d speculate the larger one has some sort of excavation, either a crawlspace or half-height cellar. The first floor is at least 3 steps above grade. The lower houses look to have first floors pretty much right on grade. Why? Because the builder thought he could make more money that way, or get his return faster.

  • The real question is what is up with the building just to the right of this one (out of the photo). The windows are always blacked out and appears to have a commercial entrance. Just curious as I frequently pass it while walking my dog down that alley.

  • I can tell you as a resident of this house that there is no basement or crawl space.

  • Hi neighbor! I live in the red house at the other end of this row (on the corner of 5th and Warner) and had wondered why it too was a little taller than the rest.

    So does anyone know what is in the grey commercial-looking building to the right of this house?

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