WBJ Says Z Burger Coming to Columbia Heights

Woah, don’t know how I missed this last Friday. Thanks to Jeff for sending the link. Washington Business Journal reported on Friday:

Z-Burger’s on the move. The company is planning locations in Southwest and White Marsh, and is negotiating leases in Columbia Heights and near the Navy Yard as well.”

Any fans of Z Burger? I’ve never actually eaten at one. I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled to see where in Columbia Heights they might open up. Maybe this solves the mystery of 3313 11th St, NW

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  • Every time I’ve gone into a Z Burger, the place seems to be staffed with ex-Taliban. No wonder my burger was slapped together without a care in the world. The cooks look like they’d rather be eating a spit-roasted donkey.

    Five Guys is a million times better.

    • Maybe it’s a front. The place is always empty when I’m going by, which is crazy for a burger joint near a college campus.

    • The staff at the Tenleytown Z Burger have always been very friendly and pleasant. I can’t think of any reason, other than apparent ethnicity, that would make you think they were “ex-Taliban.” Care to elaborate?

  • I’ve been to the one on Wisconsin Ave. a few times. They have a similar model to 5 Guys with a few more options (turkey and veggie burgers, cheese steaks, onion rings, milkshakes). Wasn’t quite as good as 5 Guys in my opinion but not by much. Liked their onion rings pretty well.

    The location I went to was pretty large so I’d be surprised if it was going into 3313 11th Street. That just doesn’t appear to be a large enough space to me, although I’ve never seen the inside of that building so who knows…

  • Slightly off topic… I’ve been to 5 Guys in Gtown twice and thought their burger was just average. Am I mistaken? What’s the best burger place in the area?

  • Their shakes are good, but I got totally grossed out when I was in the bathroom and an employee didn’t wash his hands.

  • I’m not going to lie – I prefer Z Burger over Five Guys, and this is coming from someone that lived off of Five Guys during college.

  • Hit the one in Glover Park frequently and quite frankly it is way more consistent than five guys

  • Oh cool! I think it’s cool how they have wifi for customers, and their onion rings are real junky good.

  • Meh. They press their burgers while on the grill rendering them dry and bland.

  • I will eat Z hamburger.

  • guess it makes sense that it would go to 11th street as its far enough away from the five guys on 14th. And will probably draw a lot of people in from petworth. But Im not sure how well it will really do. 11th street doest have nearly the same foot traffic as their other locations.

  • Can’t say I can make a fair comparison between 5 Guys (eaten only once at the airport) and Z Burger hamburgers, but Z veggieburgers are amaaazing.

  • This will make Columbia Heights my favorite strip mall. Christ.

  • I will be loyal to my Five Guys to the death. To the death!

  • Love Z Burger

    The 11th St. site is probably too small given what their other places look like

  • Z’s Veg burgers….soooooo good.

  • I’ve never been but I believe they have like 80 different kinds of milkshakes, so I’m intrigued!

    Also, there was a write up in the Post about the owner of Z burger a while ago. An interesting read about a kid who worked at BK (I believe) grew up, got into the candy vending business, and with that took his money and started Z burger…

  • As long as Five Guys exists, there just isn’t any reason to go anywhere else.

    I went to that BGR place in Dupont once and very nearly just walked out. The place was dirty, and the staff was totally unresponsive and generally acted like they wanted us out of there so they could close up. And this was an hour before closing time. We kept having to move our legs so the guy could mop under our table, while we were trying to eat. The root beer wasn’t working, and nobody seemed to care.

    And the bill was about twice what Five Guys would cost.

    Five Guys, on the other hand, has on MULTIPLE occasions happily let me eat my meal unbothered even though it was after their official closing time.

    So long as they maintain their general high standard, it will Five Guys (and only Five Guys), for life.

  • Sounds like the kind of place that would move into one of the vacant spaces at DC-USA. Still locally owned, it would qualify for one of the spaces that DC-USA is supposed to lease to local businesses, but so far has failed to do. Miserably. I think they would do OK in one of the spaces near the Staples, north of the entrance to the inside part of the mall. That’s far enough away from Five Guys to capture foot traffic. Good for them.

    On the other hand, I don’t see the 11th Street location as a good match. Things opening and succeeding on 11th are destinations. Z Burger needs the foot traffic. They are not a destination. I bet a nickel they’re moving on a space in DC-USA. If it’s 11th Street, I’d bet a whole dollar they’re not going to make it long term.

  • Z Burger has the best bacon double cheeseburger I have ever tasted in my life. They have fresh cut potatoes. I always get the seasoned
    fries. Last time I got a peach mango shake and it was amazing.

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