Wasn’t Expecting to see this on a Georgetown House

This is actually next door to the house of the day (see below). I’m surprised this doesn’t violate some historic Georgetown rules.

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  • Hah, that’s awesome.

  • I you sure this is not vandalism?

  • Pardon my French, but that looks like shit.

  • it’s not vandalism; it’s been up for a long time and is actually pretty nicely done (definitely a mural in graffiti style). I remember taking a walking tour of the area and the guide saying that historic preservation rules in the area don’t dictate how a house can be painted; they’re more about structural changes. Don’t know if it’s accurate but considering this is still up, I’d believe it.

  • I bet that is a violation. Its nice work, but it doesn’t belong on the outside of a house. Like I need to see that house to know where I am? It would be more appropriate for the neighborhood if it were the Vinyard Vines whale.

  • Did anyone else ever notice how dopey the self-obsession this city has with itself can be? You don’t see people in Boston paying some kid to spray paint “Boston” on their house in graffiti style, and you don’t see people in Los Angeles walking around with the city of Los Angeles flag tattooed on their arm. It’s ridiculous.

    • now now, it’s just their way of being proud that they were able to survive moving into the ‘sketchy’ areas of logan circle and u-st way back in 2006.

    • uh, yeah you do. or maybe *you* dont, since you apparently live in DC not LA.

      • I’d blame any tattoo discrepancy on the fact that the DC flag is pretty neat looking, while the LA and Boston flags are hideous.

    • ummm. you’ve never ever seen an LA tattoo or the LA fingers (incorporated into a tattoo)?

    • You are right, I’ve lived in all three of those cities and the misguided homerism in the form of city flag tattoos is definitely most prominent here in D.C. While it might not be unique to D.C., it is certainly more out of control here…

      • Chicago has a similar flag to DC and you see it everywhere… patches on messanger bags, tattoos. The flags both just happen to have an appealingly simple graphic design.

    • Actually there are a few people I have seen with LA dodgers tatoos. One rapper even has one on his face.

    • Former DC resident here, now in LA. I walk through the streets here proudly with my DC flag on my arm. Its a great conversation starter when people ask “What does that mean?”, and an easy way to find other DC “expats”.

      Does LA even have a flag? The common LA pride tattoo out here seems to be the Dodger LA logo tattooed on the side of the neck.

      The Cali bear flag tattoo is pretty cool…a close 2nd to DC’s stars and bars in my opinion.

  • DC Historic Preservation rules don’t cover paint. THis looks like shit, but to each his own! I actually like that it spices things up a little

  • Graffiti is graffiti. That looks like crap.

  • I may have the wrong place, but this may be the house where the graffiti is some sort of protest against all of the rules regarding historic properties in Georgetown. At least, that was the story I heard years ago. P Street, as I recall.

  • This grafitti has been on this house since at least 1997.

  • JohnnyReb you are correct it is a protest piece meant to piss off the extremists in DC who wouldn’t let them do what they wanted with their house. That it is still shocking / pissing off each fresh busload of nimby is a testament to how clever it is!

  • 3300 block of P Street … they used to have a sign explaining the whole thing.

  • a question for all the savvy art critics on here… how does foot taste?

  • If this was in fact a commissioned mural, it would be funny if the owners woke up one morning to find the rest of their facade all tagged up. They probably wouldn’t find it quite as cute as they thought their original painting was.

  • i was walking by there maybe 5 years ago and stopped to look at this. the guy who commissioned it came out and told me a bunch of stuff about a famous graffiti artist but the only thing i really remember is that he lives in the basement and his elderly mother lives upstairs.

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