Good Samaritan Gets Beaten in Georgetown

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From an MPD police report:

“The assault occurred near 30th and M and apparently sparked when a witness observed three subjects in a car that struck a parked car and attempted to leave the scene. The witness apparently told them to leave a note and as a result, he was beaten and kicked by the three. There is no usable description at this point, but detectives are actively following up to see what other information is out there.”

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  • and this is why people dont get involved in doing the right thing. fucking assholes.

  • saf

    Wow. OK, so the recommended course of action is call 911, give plate number and description of incident to dispatcher, making CERTAIN to record time and dispatcher’s id#.

    I hope the victim recovers quickly.

  • Wow, assholes indeed. This makes me sick.

  • I am not surprised- that neighborhood is filled with savages! When will DC finally act to clean up places like that?

    • Exactly. What the report doesn’t mention is that the victim was beaten with Gucci handbags and kicked with Roberto Cavalli shoes.

  • The tourists, the roaming packs of unsupervised adolescents, the chain stores, the Deion Sanders-inspired boutique clothing shops, the privileged d-bags in flip-flops…Georgetown is perhaps the most overrated place in all of DC.

    • It’s like Chinatown, but more of the annoying people are rich.

    • Georgetown is perhaps the most overrated place in all of DC
      thats funny. i NEVER hear people saying how great georgetown is. no one under 50 anyway. who do you talk to that overrates it so?

  • i recommend cell phone video and say the plate out loud. The 911 call (for property-only hit & run) can wait.

    The defense you’ll hear to hit & run is “wrong car” or “it wasn’t me driving” or “he’s lying”–video wipes out all. Get the face of driver, the fleeing car & plates, then the damages.

    And if 3 folks get out the car, don’t be too proud to run.

  • I wouldn’t confront the assholes either. but I would certainly write down their phone numbers, call 911, and leave a note on the person’s car.

    My car’s been hit so many times while it was parked. I think I’ve replaced both of my mirros at least 2-3 times each, and I’ve only been living in the district for about 4 years. Not one person who hit me has left a note. But the last time it happened, someone did. Thank god. And even then it’s still a pain in the ass.

    You have to call the police. From the plate, they know exactly who it is, but they won’t tell you. Your insurance company is supposed to investigate. At the very least, i hope they get a ticket for leaving the scene. But I don’t know if that happens.

  • Kudos to the witness for trying. I’m really sorry he got beaten up for his trouble. I hope it doesn’t deter others from reporting hit-and-runs (is it considered a hit-and-run if there’s no one in the car?0.

    An anonymous good samaritan once left a note on my windshield with the license plate number of a vehicle that hit my parked car. Thanks to that information, the police were able to track down the driver. Plus my insurance company was able to make a claim against the driver’s insurance, so I didn’t have to pay a thing for the repairs. I even got reimbursed for my deductible.

  • talking to three jerks like that is useless anyway, not to mention dangerous. write down their license plate and try not to let them see you do it. it’s not georgetown residents, btw, that are such creeps.

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