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  • I want to know why the neighbor’s house has boarded up windows. Anyone know?

  • Doesn’t look like it will be all that bad. but it is odd that they built it back ten feet from the other houses. Did the neighbors have to sign a varience to allow for the pop-up? If so do neighbors ever try and get a little something in return from the builder. If it was me I’d say \sure ill sign off on your pop up but you gotta build me a roofdeck in return. since you clearly know the right people in the permit office..”

  • Fire at the neighbors house. Happened last week, I think 4/15.

  • Probably they wanted to have a yard in front. But it does look quite odd.

  • saf

    It really looks awful.

  • I think its going to be just fine on that block…..given they don’t suburbanize the front of the house.
    Granted I think that block needs more people who know how to convince the city that kenyon should be turned back into a one lane street 24 hrs a day. Its a scary highway during the day which people speed unnecessarily on so they can bottleneck at 14th.

  • it’s right around the corner from me. i hate it.

  • Love it. Creates visual variety on the street. Also with it’s quirky set back and height paired with traditional details, has a real possibility of looking like it existed earlier than the rest of the block. Very smart.

  • Enjoy that thumb in your eye…every day.

  • For me the jury’s out on the visual appeal of the set-back… not optimistic through. From a practical standpoint I can’t think of a lot of value in having a bigger front yard that’s boxed in by your neighbors, at the expense of a smaller backyard.

  • It obviously doesn’t “fit in;” the fact that it sits further back on the lot, is taller than its neighbors, and its fenestration is not in line with the other houses means it’s the odd duck out. This particular house is not “visual variety,” but “distracting difference.” That said, we’re all going to end up dead in the end, so who cares?! It isn’t like this is some particularly gorgeous block to begin with…

    • Prince Of Petworth

      There’s one on 13th St, NW just south of Florida Ave, that is taller than all the others but I think it fits in nicely.

  • I think it’s set back in order to permit light to get into the basement apartment. They tore down a 2 story house with basement and built a 4-story house. I assume this will become 4 condos. That seems to be the purpose of the real estate transaction there.

  • the tall house breaks up the rhythm of the block. that rhythm is what makes a lot of DC’s historic neighborhoods beautiful.

    architecturally, it’s misplaced.

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