Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This apartment is located at 3435 Holmead Pl. NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This studio has ample closet space, hardwood floors, and all utilities included

Our building offers on site Laundry Facility and Parking!
It’s a 2 lvl Garage (remote control access)

Open House this Friday from 1-5pm
And Saturday May 1st from 10-4pm”

Does an efficiency at this location for $875 a month sound reasonable?

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  • brookland_rez

    Anything livable in a decent area of DC for $875 is a steal.

  • I lived in an efficiency for about a year and I had absolutely no problem with it. It did include a loft area above the bathroom which was awesome for storage, so that made it worthwhile. I don’t think that anyone who is looking for a cheaper place would argue with this, as long as there aren’t bugs/rodents!

  • I live right around the corner and I think this is a pretty fair price. Holmead Village — the area between 13th and 14th, north of park south of Spring — has become much more desirable over the past couple of years and this is the least anyone can pay to live alone in the entire area.

    I know this building and it seems fine. It seems like it’s mostly Hispanic folks. It’s a quiet street and it’s quite safe. The worst you’ll get is a car break-in every now and then. As for the facilities themselves, I didn’t realize that the building looked so nice inside. Well worth it.

    • Check my last comment. Is that a stock photo? Errr, could be a dump inside.

    • was unaware of the Holmead Village moniker. a quick google search seems to show it’s historic, and not a made up real estate agent neighborhood…but it’s pretty little.

      875 here with close metro and bus accessibility, as well as close-by good dining out and bar options makes this a great deal in my opinion.

    • “It’s a quiet street and it’s quite safe. The worst you’ll get is a car break-in every now and then.”

      You obviously didn’t look on Three robberies and an assault with a deadly weapon committed near there (like, within three blocks) in the last TWO WEEKS, along with at least five thefts from vehicles.

      Far from safe.

      • You’re just wrong about this. Looking at crimereports is a poor way to understand what happens in a neighborhood. Crime in Columbia Heights is almost entirely localized in Section 8 Housing, and the crimes reported on “crimereports” are almost never random. If a random crime happens in Columbia Heights, you can bet it’ll show up on PoP.

        I live in the neighborhood, and your feeling that it’s not safe implies — if not confirms — that you do not. And thank goodness. Fear mongers need not apply.

  • Looks really really small.
    That kitchen looks to be part of “the room.”
    Might be what it’s worth though.
    Really really small.

  • I have lived right down the street from this eyesore of a building for 7 years now. It is mostly filled with Hispanics (illegal? probably). They hang outside across the street and litter piles mark their spots. Why don’t they just fix this place up and raise their rents and bring in a different type of tenant? I am sure this will come in time, this area has come a long, long way. You couldn’t pay me $875 to live in that mess.

    • Really don’t like the way you say filled with Hispanics.
      REALLY don’t like that.

      • I am going to have to defend Mark even though I disagree with his tone. This building reminds me a lot of a building I lived in while in Grad School. It was predominantly Hispanic, but I did not think anything of that, hey, it was affordable!! Well unfortunately, many of my fellow tenants were recent immigrants (no idea about their legality, nor do I care)from countries that have very different ideas about cleanliness and acceptable living conditions. Not really their fault, not because they are bad people, just cultural differences.

        The result was a dirty, smelly building, which I could have survived for one year of cheap rent. The real problem was they did not complain to management when their apartments became infested with bugs (including bed bugs) they just went about there business while the infestation(s) spread. This made for a VERY unhappy living situation for me and is why I would steer clear of this building unless I knew some one that could vouch for its livability.

        • Well, my wife was born and raised in South America, and she wouldn’t want to live in a predominantly Hispanic building either. At least, not if it were loud and dirty (or alternatively, if it were filled with rich snobs who work at the multinational banks or embassies). It’s not a race or language thing, but there are class and cultural issues that not everyone wants to deal with.

  • Gotta love the fridge in the middle of the living room

  • We have lived on this block for 10 years. There are no crime problems associated with this building and very little loitering. The crime in the neighborhood (see: car break-ins) comes from the Cavalier on 14th Street (ask any police officer for confirmation). You couldn’t get a room in a group house for $875 anymore, much less your own (even tiny) apartment. Including utilities? Great deal.

    • re: “You can’t get a room in a group house for $875 anymore” is just plain false. Look at Craigslist. Plenty of rooms anywhere from $500-$700 bucks a month.

  • I walk by this building every morning and they have a few maintenance guys that are cleaning up their entire stretch of sidewalk every morning…I haven’t seen that anywhere else. So, I wouldn’t say they are at fault for littering, etc. I also see many families there with small kids — seems to have a good family vibe going for the current residents.

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