Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option

This rental is located at 5429 Connecticut Ave, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Two blocks from Safeway and Starbucks.
All utilities included!
Laundry Facility
Controlled access entry
Application fee $ 45.00
Move in fee $ 300.00
No security deposit
Assigned outdoor parking available for $ 75.00 a month!”

What’s a move in fee?

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for places less than $1000 – so does this studio sound reasonable for $950?

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  • I love the application fee and move-in fee. This would be why I own.

  • Move-in fee is to cover exclusive use of an elevator for the day, or goes towards the dings, dents and scuffs you (supposedly) inflict on the building getting your stuff in the door. You do not get it back. It’s often used in lieu of a security deposit, but with no hope of recovery.

  • saf

    Hey PoP – I think that’s Chevy Chase DC rather than Friendship Heights.

    • Yup. Chevy Chase it is for sure. Not sure what the dividing line is but when you get to Connecticut you’re definitely there.

      Also yeah I think the price is reasonable but kind of a pain if you want to get downtown…

  • I lived in that neighborhood from 1999-2005 and loved that little stretch of Conn Ave.

    I’ve never been in that particular bulding, but the unit looks similar to many of the other studios on that strip.

    I’d say decent deal for the person who wants to pay less than a 1000 and just has to live alone (which is the kind of person I was when I was single).

  • $300 is ridiculous for a move in fee – and it’s not just for renters – pretty much all condo buildings have one too. The highest move in fee I’ve seen is $150. You’d supposedly have to pay the same as a move out fee. Boo.

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